International celebrities such as Big Sean, Trey Songz and John Boyega have joined the #EndSARS protests aimed to put an end to police brutality on citizens in Nigeria.


In the past few days, thousands of Nigerians have taken to the streets to protest against extortion and brutality by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in a campaign that has continued to gain global attention.

On Friday, the #EndSARS hashtag was the most talked about topic not only in Nigeria but in the UK and US and across the world.


Joining the fray of international celebrities who lent their voices to the ongoing protests, Songz, a US singer, expressed his concern on the “hurtful” situation in Nigeria.

“After doing a little research I would like to speak out against what’s going on in Nigeria right now. Their pleas to #EndSarsNow IS VERY REAL. I have so much love for my Nigerian fans and it’s so hurtful to hear whats happening,” he wrote.

“Police brutality here in America often is an abuse of power driven by race. To be brutalized, extorted and murdered by your own people is unimaginable. Prayers up and I’m researching ways I can help. #EndSARS”


In a series of tweets, John Boyega, a British-Nigerian actor, wrote: “The youth in Nigeria deserve good leadership and guidance. This situation is tied to many other issues. Please lend your attention to this pressing problem! #EndSARSImmediately #EndSarsProtests #EndSARS #EndSARSProtest.

“Three years ago Nigeria’s police chief re-organised SARS after public condemnation about the violence that came with their operations. That change has done nothing for Nigerians and today many are still in danger. #EndSarsProtests


“We can’t simply enjoy Banana island every December without noticing the concrete wall placed between Nigerians and their potential. The limitations become unbearable for them and this needs serious attention. #EndSARSProtest”


On his part, Big Sean, a US rapper, expressed his love to Nigeria while also joining the protest.

TheCable Lifestyle had earlier reported how Cardi B, another US rapper, asked for a summary of what was going on in Nigeria while showing concern.

There have been street protests taking place across the country, including in major cities like Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan.

The renewed protests against SARS started last Saturday after a video showing a man allegedly gunned down in Delta by operatives of the police unit went viral.

Below are some reactions from international celebrities:

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