James Brown, the entertainer, says being a crossdresser does not define his sexuality because he has a girlfriend.


The 22-year-old spoke on his foray into crossdressing and personality when he featured on ‘The Frankly Speaking‘ podcast.

Brown, who describes himself as a drag queen — a man who dresses in women’s clothes for entertainment purposes — said he met his lover when he travelled to the United Kingdom (UK).

According to him, being a crossdresser is both a lifestyle and a hustle.


“I won’t say it’s not my lifestyle, definitely it’s a hustle. Before, I used to say, oh, it’s not my lifestyle, so I dress like a guy at home. Now, I don’t even dress like a guy,” he said.

“I don’t wear pants. I just let everything fly out. And I sometimes wear my hair. I’m just more girly now. The thing is, it’s a lifestyle but that doesn’t define my sexuality because I have a girlfriend. It’s a new development.

“It happened in the UK. It is a new development in my life that I’m so proud of. I didn’t even know it. This is my first time having an affair with a girl or being with a girl or being interested in a girl.”


Brown also said defining himself and his gender has become complex, adding that the development often leave him confused.

“I once told Tobi I don’t want to be a girl anymore. It goes back and forth,” he said.

“Sometimes, it doesn’t just sit nicely in your brain. Sometimes, I want to change to a girl, but other times I’m confused,”

The entertainer added that there is no difference between his real personality and the Queen of Africa, which he called his alter ego.


“James Brown is the business guru. That’s why I’m cashing out. The Queen of Africa is the one with the beauty, the class, the elegance, and the content. So both of them cannot work without each other,” he added.

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