Iya Ojo, the Nigerian actress, says she was treated like a second-class citizen after her marriage failed.


The film star got married to a movie marketer in 1999, at the age of 21. She gave birth to Felix, her son, and Priscilla, her daughter, in 1999 and 2001 respectively.

The union, however, crashed in 2001.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Sunday, the actress recounted her experience as a single mother and how she dealt with other challenges that came her way.


The mother of two said she was “treated unjustly” and faced intense hatred from people around her who branded her as a “prostitute”.

“This world most especially this country Nigeria, I was treated so unjustly bcos of my circumstance and choices I made to better the life of my children,” she wrote.

“I became a second class citizen immediately my marriage failed, a trillion times the hate. The bullies, the curses, the unapologetic horrible rejections, it was massive from my society, my people, my country.


“Being a single mom was like living in a foreign land with no papers, thanks to the media, writing and creating false narrative about me just worsened everything, the word prostitute became me.”

Ojo also narrated how she grappled with criticisms in Nollywood after her marriage failed.

“Choosing an acting career was like finding yourself in a crime scene you had no business being there. It became a confirmation that I was irresponsible, a whore and fame was the reason why I left my marriage,” she added.

“I was not expected to have a voice, I was a single mother, I had no morals, unworthy to be called a role model and yes, sharing my story on the internet labelled me talkative and cloutino (clout chaser).”



The actress recently disclosed that she is in a relationship. She, however, said she won’t reveal the identity of her lover on social media till they tie the knot.

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