Some Nigerian celebrities have condemned the attack on a train along the Abuja-Kaduna road.


The train from Abuja was attacked by gunmen in the Kateri-Rijana area of Kaduna on Monday night.

The locomotive, which was said to have over 900 passengers on board, had almost reached Rigasa, the final stop when it was ambushed.

Several travelers were injured during the attack. There were also unconfirmed reports of casualties

The gunmen were said to have blown up the rail track after which they launched an attack on the passengers.


The development has provoked a wave of intense criticism of the ruling class across social media.

Mr Macaroni, the comedian, while speaking on the incident, argued that the repeated attacks are a reason to hold the government accountable for its promises to end insecurity in the country.

“Sycophancy isn’t patriotism. Irrespective of party affiliations, I hope we all would realize that holding government accountable to their duty to serve and protect the people is the honorable thing to do as citizens,” he wrote on Twitter.


“Don’t think you are immune to the daily woes of Nigerians because you are a Government supporter.

“You can be a victim in the least expected way. We must have a system that values the lives of all citizens, supporters or opposition, rich or poor, That is what is sustainable.

“My heart goes out to all the victims of Nigeria’s failure since the birth of Nigeria to date.

“I am tempted to seek God’s intervention but I know well enough that God has blessed us with everything a Nation needs to succeed. Only Nigerians can save Nigeria.


“It is shameful how innocent Nigerians are being killed from time to time and all it ever boils down to for some people on here is APC vs PDP. Where is our humanity? Is this still politics?

“Those same set of people that attacked the late Chinelo are the same set that attacked and trolled me when the police brutalized me. These are sycophants who are loyal only to their political gods.

“They care not for this country and have no conscience whatsoever left in them.”

On his part, Blaqbonez, the rapper, lamented that there’s no chance for future youth leadership if they can’t survive today’s dilemma.

“My country keeps showing us new levels of how much it has failed us. Do you think we failed you enough yesterday? we’d fail you a lot more today,” he wrote.

“Nobody’s safe except the govt people in their bulletproof trucks bought with money they stole from us. Whew RIP Chinelo. Can’t be the leaders of tomorrow if we don’t see tomorrow right?”

In the same vein, Mildred Okwo, the film director, expressed her frustration about citizens who she says have refused to speak the truth due to their party loyalty.

“I am so sick of people who can’t speak the truth because of party lines. You do not care about Nigeria but your stupid paymasters. Your children will grow up in this place too,” she wrote.

“The country is burning while you people are playing niceties.”

Also speaking, Falz lamented the seeming neverending loss of lives to insecurity in the country.

He tweeted: “A terrorist attack on a train. More and more lives are wasted. What is this country? How is anyone supposed to exist in a place like this?”

Nigeria has been grappling with a myriad of security issues for over a decade now.

Education, the health sector, the economy, and human lives have been greatly affected by these challenges.

This becomes more pronounced at a time when inflation, rising fuel and gas prices are biting hard on citizens.

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