Perfection is a myth, and it’s for this reason that finding romantic partners without quirks is tough.


However, if some weaknesses aren’t controlled, they tend to get in the way of having a long-lasting relationship.

So if you notice your relationships don’t last as long as expected, the glitch might be with you, not your partner.

Here are some tendencies that couples should curtail to engender long-lasting relationships.

  • You’re not open

Communication is very vital in a relationship.

To keep your relationship, you have to be open physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You should be able to have several types of discussions with your partner.


Share ideas, tell how you feel, and talk about everything and anything consistently without holding back.

If you aren’t open in communication, your partner might think there is something you’re hiding.

This might further lead to trust issues.

  • You’re too needy

Perhaps you’re always wanting attention.


It’s not exactly a bad thing to want to feel loved but it’s best to do things moderately.

The relationship isn’t all about you so give your partner a breathing space.

Don’t let them feel suffocated by you.

If you want a long-lasting relationship, watch for when you’re needed in your partner’s space and when you aren’t.

  • Immaturity

Grow up. Yes.

That way, you heighten your chances of having a long-lasting relationship.

To put a relationship on the right path, both parties have to be mature enough to make decisions together.

So if you aren’t on partner level, your relationship might be problematic.


Your partner’s effort and energy might feel wasted if you aren’t there to augment it.

  • Always busy

You’re in a relationship and you’ve never been there for your partner?

Actually, relationships don’t work like that.

Again, you have to be there emotionally, physically, and mentally.

You want to be independent and successful. Everybody does.

But a relationship requires time, effort, and certain levels of compromise.

  • Unrealistic expectations

We see lots of romantic movies and read books.

Media consumption could enforce pretty unrealistic standards for relationships.

Unreasonably high expectations can come between couples.

Having a “happily ever after” relationship isn’t as easy as the movies sell it.

Partners should understand that relationships come with their fair share of imperfections.


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