Although Diana Edobor already knew she would mingle with people of different age groups on the reality show long before she got into it, she says meeting people who she described as much “younger and immature” threw her off balance. In this interview with TheCable Lifestyle’s MUHIBAT SULAIMON, the 33-year-old reality TV star reflects on the challenges of staying on the show as the oldest housemate, her fondness for Pharmsavi, and her plans for outside the house.


TheCable Lifestyle: What drove you to audition for BBNaija, having already done very well for yourself prior?

Diana: I came for the show because I reached a stage where I was looking for something new. Looking for a new chapter to add to my book. I have a banking and finance background. I was looking out for the beauty and skincare industry. So I relocated to Nigeria to realise this dream.

TheCable Lifestyle: A brief background of your previous job?


Diana: I have had a career in the past. I have worked in the banking and finance industry for over ten years now. I have worked worldwide; in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US. I didn’t school in Nigeria. I schooled in France and London.

TheCable Lifestyle: How many languages do you understand and speak?

Diana: I speak 4 languages. English, French, Spanish, and my native language Benin.


TheCable Lifestyle: In your level, you’re the oldest housemate. Did that affect how you relate with other housemates in the house?

Diana: The fact that I was the oldest housemate definitely affected my game. Coming into the game, I expected that I would meet housemates of my age group. So the fact that I was the only one above 30 really turned me off.


At first, it didn’t really affect my relationship with the housemates. But after discovering some immaturity, it becomes a challenge especially because I’m the last born in my family and queen of immaturity.

So the fact that I came to meet people that were more immature was very hard.


TheCable Lifestyle: During the show, you and Giddyfia were quite close until Rachel got into the picture. How did you feel when Giddyfia drifted from you and got close to Rachel?

Diana: First, I and Giddyfia were close since day 1. As soon as I entered the house, like 30 minutes after, we started interacting. He never drifted from me. What happened is that we had a conversation where we opened up to each other. And I noticed that we aren’t on the same page. That was the beginning of our quarrel.

TheCable Lifestyle: Now that you’re both out of the house, do you feel your relationship with Giddyfia can move forward?

Diana: To be honest with you, when I stopped communication with him the day of the clash with Rachel, for me it was like I was done with the individual. I don’t want to ever talk to him again and this is something I know how to do because I’m an adult.


I really thought we will never talk again. I said outside also there is no need for him to contact me because I will not even respond. But the fact that we were evicted the same day just changed the plans.

So we had a conversation and I knew media rounds will be starting so I was like how are we going about it because I don’t want a situation where we will be quarreling in every media station. So we had a long conversation to understand we’re both coming from and now we’re very cool.

TheCable Lifestyle: During one of your dairy sessions, you said all your level housemates are hypocrites. What prompted that statement?

Diana: So first I was shocked by the Amaka eviction until today. I really believe it was a fake eviction because the way it was done was crazy. At that point, everybody in the house was very close to her. The issue was that my level didn’t like her from the beginning. So I kept telling them she is sweet and amazing but they didn’t believe it until we were merged.


So if she is really cool, why did you people put her up for eviction? The scariest part was when her name was called. The reaction of the housemates made me realize something is fishy, so I thought it was a fake eviction and that tomorrow morning she will be back.

Until now, we don’t know people who put her name up for eviction. But now that I checked and know people who did, I was shocked. But at the end of the day, it’s part of the game.

TheCable Lifestyle: Don’t you think you can’t really call them hypocrites? It’s a game, someone has to go.

Diana: True but I believe they shouldn’t have acted surprised when you know you put the person up for eviction. Just go and greet the person. Wish her the best but don’t act surprised.

TheCable Lifestyle: You disclosed you like Pharmsavi during your interview with Ebuka but mentioned he came at the wrong time. What do you mean by that, wrong time in what sense?

Diana: I really like Pharmsavi, he is very cool and amazing but we didn’t really have time to talk much. We see each other only during Saturday night parties and tasks. At the time, I had issues and clashing with Giddyfia, and Rachael so that’s what I mean by wrong time.

If he had come at the beginning like the first week introducing himself, I would have gotten to know him more. But I know the age would have been an issue. I would have loved to know more about him regardless.

TheCable Lifestyle: Can you accept having a relationship with Pharmsavi after the house?

Diana: As I said, age is a barrier for me. So no matter how nice you’re, I can’t have a relationship if you’re 25 and below.

TheCable Lifestyle: How do feel about your eviction?

Diana: I feel very good. As I said, coming into the house I didn’t have any strategy but had the plan to stay as long as possible. I knew from day 1 that it would be a challenge whether with the housemates or viewers. The fact that I have an accent, I’m coming from somewhere so I didn’t know if Nigerians will really appreciate me.

I think the fact that they really understand that I’m true, honest, I’m myself and I’m trying so hard to adapt to the culture made them accept me. I speak Pidgin. I try to learn words on a regular basis.

Now that I’m out, I’m very happy. I feel relieved because, in the house, the true me was not able to come out. So now viewers will be able to discover the real Diana.

TheCable Lifestyle: How is the reception since you left the house?

Diana: Since I left the house, everything has been grateful, from the stage to meeting Ebuka and discovering I’m the queen of the diary session. It was a big surprise for me. I also discovered the love of the fans.

I didn’t think people would like me on the show. I thought they won’t be able to relate because of my different accent but people were able to see the beauty of my personality and I’m grateful for that.

TheCable Lifestyle: What are your plans now that you’re outside Big Brother’s house?

Diana & Hermes

Diana: First of all, it’s my beauty and skincare business. I’m looking at establishing a skincare clinic in Nigeria. Secondly, the entertainment industry. I’m looking into acting, TV presenting, and working in a radio station.

I’m also open to opportunities. Some fans have also been advising me to open a YouTube channel, a talk show that I name the Diary Room or Diary Session. So now I’m thinking of how I can put all these into places.

TheCable Lifestyle: Who are you rooting for to win the grand prize?

Diana: I’m definitely rooting for someone in level 1 because we really tried this season, especially the HoH games. So I think Hermes really deserves to win the grand prize because I feel he is ticking all the boxes too. I wish him the best.

Also, I think Phyna and Bryann can win. At the end of the day, I wish the best to everyone.

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