Less dramatic, self-effacing and always smiling, Yousef, recently evicted BBNaija season six housemate, is known for keeping a low profile. His name did not ring a bell at the early stage of the show like some of his colleagues.


But his charming personality was enough to win the hearts of many lovers of the show.

The 29-year-old teacher, whose real name is Yusuf Garba, was sent packing from the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ house alongside Saskay after an impressive run on the show.

During his stint on BBNaija, his Islamic background was an issue of heated debate among conservative Muslims who claimed such reality show “is evil.”


But in this interview with TheCable Lifestyle, the reality TV star says there is nothing wrong in participating in the show as a Muslim.

Yousef also reflects on his experience on the show and career plans.

Many don’t know much about you, can you take us through your background?


My full name is Yusuf Garba, I was born in Jos, I lived in Jos. I’m actually 29 years old and I was born on April 14, 1992. I’m biracial in Nigeria. My dad is from Nasarawa state but he grew up in Borno. And I was born and raised in Jos. I’m a Muslim.

My mum is from Yemen, she is Arab, she came to Nigeria when she was 14 and she met my dad when she was in her late twenties. I love food and sports.

INTERVIEW: Nothing wrong with BBNaija as a Muslim... I prayed five times daily on show, says Yousef

As a Muslim, did you ever pray during your stint in the house?


I prayed five times a day.

How has the reception been since your eviction?

I’m feeling loved by everyone and it is blowing my mind. The love is overwhelming and I’m just trying to keep calm but I can’t. I’m just happy with everything I have seen.

Now that you’re out of the house, what is next?


I’m looking forward to giving my fans something really good. So, I’m looking forward to the movies or making movies actually. And as a model, I’m thinking about working with modelling agencies, and I’m putting all this together because there is a lot going on. 

As I told you guys, I’m a food enthusiast, so definitely I’ll love to have a restaurant and I also have a recipe from my mom’s side, an Arab recipe that I will love to show to the world.

Are you going back to teaching?

Actually, that is on pause right now. I love teaching but it will be on pause now.


INTERVIEW: Nothing wrong with BBNaija as a Muslim... I prayed five times daily on show, says Yousef

Do you see a possibility of a relationship with any of the women you were intimate with in the house?

The only relationship I’m having with anyone is only friendship at this moment, so I don’t know what may happen but for now it is friendship. 

You’re from the North and a Muslim. Many conservative Islamic groups have kicked against the show, calling for its proscription… do you see anything wrong featuring in the show as a Muslim?

No, I don’t see anything wrong with the show, I just want to say that BBNaija is a place for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what religion you practice, or the colour of your skin or what tribe you are, this is a place where you can showcase your talent. I was going for my dreams, it is a home for everyone, it depends on what you want to do.

Do you think the show is a reflection of our society or it influences our society?

The thing is we went there to represent, I went there to show people that i’m trying to make history. And I believe coming from my side, there are a lot, there are northerners who feel they are not represented in Nigeria, and the media precisely, so i think, it is something I kind of want to make that image that yes you can promote peace. To me it is like promoting peace and love.

Word of encouragement to people who now look up to you?

Believe in the underdog story, it is really true. It happens to me and it can happen to you. Believe you can make it despite all the troubles and financial challenges we are going through in the country. Focus on your dream, and just pray about it and go for it.

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