Khalid‘s stint on the show was characterised by his romantic relationship with Daniella. For many of the viewers of the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 7 edition, the sneaker-head was unable to fully showcase his talent on the biggest reality show in Africa. In this interview with TheCable Lifestyle, the multitalented student addresses his relationship on the show, controversy trailing his faith, and future plans.


TheCable Lifestyle: Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Khalid: My name is Khalid Ismail Ahalu. I was born in Lagos but I grew up in Abuja. I did my secondary school in Ibadan at Airforce comprehensive. And I currently study Industrial design at Ahmadu Bello University. I’m in my final year.

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TheCable Lifestyle: While in the house, you showed that you have a talent for art. How did you discover that?

Khalid: It’s a natural thing. According to folks, I started drawing when I was 2 years old, but that was just using colours to scatter everywhere. But then, I kept pursuing it and I watched lots of materials growing up.

TheCable Lifestyle: You constantly talked about being a Muslim on BBNaija, how were you able to practice your faith while in the house?


Khalid: It’s a delicate spot to be in and the thing is that on a regular day, I’m actually not big on faith but it doesn’t hurt to have. 

Nigeria is hard, so whatever means you can use to get what you need, you have to do it. I’m not saying you have to do something heinous. But even if you do, I won’t judge you because I don’t know your story, I don’t know why you did what you did. My religion teaches us not to judge, so even though in the house we got a stripper, and a hypeman, it doesn’t concern me.

The reason I went to the show was to help my family. Everything I’m doing is just for my family. 

TheCable Lifestyle: What do you have to say concerning critics who think you shouldn’t be on the show because you are a Muslim?


Khalid: We all have vices. Even if you’re a strong Christian or Muslim, I won’t look at you as sinless, at the end of the day, religion is not for the holy. 

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I prayed every day when I was in the house, I never missed that. The hardest part was timing but whenever I feel some type of way, I just stand up to pray.

TheCable Lifestyle: You’ve practically said you didn’t want to be in ships in the house. What was it about Daniela that made you forgo your initial plans?


Khalid: When I got into the house and I had a conversation with Daniella, I realised that she stood out and we got talking. It wasn’t that I started with the thought that I wanted to be in a relationship with this person but I just liked her company.

What we shared, on my part was genuine, and we had a conversation. She’s a sort of person that doesn’t open up, she can joke around but I was the only person I knew she shared certain things with.

TheCable Lifestyle: Is it a relationship you’d like to pursue outside the house?

Khalid: Yes. I definitely will.


TheCable Lifestyle: Did you guys have sex while in the house?

Khalid: No but If I tell people we didn’t have sex, will they believe? So, when people look for a reason to believe in something, they’d always find it.

So much more happened in the house but people didn’t see that. I’m surprised to hear people say I lost focus when I was in the house. During the short time, I did a lot of things. I made attire in the house, it was a banger and a lot of art, why would people say I lost focus?

bbnaija khalid

TheCable Lifestyle: How did you feel about Hermes putting you up for eviction and would you guys still be friends outside?

Khalid: I was emotional because I just lost out on the head of house challenge. So, I was just in my space and at that point, we were called out, I felt other people would take it hard but I felt calm and it was unusual.

And I understand that it’s a game. Hermes came here for himself, although we shared a lot of things in common and he knows me and I know him.

TheCable Lifestyle: What specific thing do you intend to focus on now that you’re outside the house?

Khalid: I want to work with sneakers brands even the unorthodox ones. I want to work as a designer and ambassador. I like to wear shoes and I also like to design. 

Brands I’d like to work with are Nike and Puma. I just want to fix problems when it comes to that market.

TheCable Lifestyle: How do you intend to manage this newly acquired fame?

Khalid: I have been trying to get my head around that. It is actually very overwhelming. There’s so much pressure because of fame and all that but I’m usually not pressured and having the best people around me will go a long way. 

TheCable Lifestyle: Which housemates are you rooting for to win the show?

Khalid: Daniella is the first. Hermes is my bro, Deji, Bryanne is a very intelligent guy, Phyna.

TheCable Lifestyle: What do you have to say to your fans?

Khalid: Keep supporting and keep believing me. I thank you so much for the support and I just want to say keep believing in yourself and whatever you want to do.  Keep trying, things will work out.

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