Like other BBNaija season seven housemates, Amaka’s target was to win the show’s N100 million grand prize. But things didn’t go as planned for the 23-year-old as she was evicted in a surprise twist. In this interview with TheCable Lifestyle’s TAIWO OSHUNLOYE, the model talks about her time on the show, clash with fellow housemates, relationships, and post-BBNaija plans.


TheCable Lifestyle: At the beginning of the show, it seemed like you were timid, especially during task presentations. However, with time you picked up, how were you able to overcome that phase?

Amaka: Well at the beginning of the show I was shy because I was just meeting new people from the other end and that wasn’t my comfort zone.


While in the house, I was very extroverted but during tasks, I was very shy, so I had to speak to myself like how can you be extroverted in the house and be very shy? It was something else for me.

Then I also spoke with Big Brother. He gave me all the encouragement I needed and I wanted to prove to myself that you were not this person so I had to put more effort and be more intentional about it.

TheCable Lifestyle: You and Phyna were once best of friends but along the line, it seemed like something happened that drove a wedge in your relationship. What do you think caused it?


Amaka: Friends agree and disagree sometimes and it’s all part of the friendship. You can recall from the beginning of the show that we both had our major issues and we became friends. People have issues once in a while just to make our friendship stronger.

TheCable Lifestyle: You had problems with a couple of housemates before and after the merger. Would you say that’s just who you are or was it the pressure of the house?

Amaka: I can blame it on both. The problems could be as a result of who I am and the pressure from the house.


TheCable Lifestyle: How did you go from liking Giddifia to saying he’s fake?

Amaka: I went from liking Giddifia to saying he’s fake because that’s my own opinion, you don’t have to take it. That’s my own analysis of him based on my own experience, that’s why I said so.

So, by the time you experience him, in your story, he might be good and in everybody’s story, I am a different personality. Some people like me, and some people don’t like me. Personality differs depending on how they experienced me.


TheCable Lifestyle: At a point to the viewers, it seemed like you were trying to turn level 1 against level 2. Is this assertion true?

Amaka: I was never ever trying to turn level one against level two. There was no time like that.

TheCable Lifestyle: During your post-show interview, you said you wanted Hermes to win because he’s real. Is that to say none of the remaining housemates are real?

Amaka: No. For me, Hermes is real because I can see that he’s real. For you, someone else could be real but that is my own story. He’s real for me. Every other person could be real but are you able to resonate with them?


If someone says you’re real, that means you’re able to see and relate to them being original. So, I’m able to relate more with Hermes being original but that doesn’t mean that other housemates are not being original but that’s the one I’m able to click with.

TheCable Lifestyle: After BBNaija, what’s next for Amaka?

Amaka: After Big Brother season seven, the next thing for me is building my brand known as Maki Billions brand.

Then, I’m going into the entertainment industry and we will be very versatile offering value, integrity and so much value for your money.

I’m open to endorsements, ambassadorial deals, influencing deals and so many more. Skincare, OAP, hosting, presenting, acting, modeling, and anything you can think of.

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