Ini Edo, the film star, has taken a hit at critics who question the sources of wealth of actresses. 


The movie star, in the latest edition of the Tea with Tay podcast, said such a “conversation is a sad one.” 

The actress said actors and actresses do not need an open declaration of assets because of “people’s validation.” 

The ‘Shanty Town’ star added that several actresses are doing so many things on and off the internet as their “side hustles.” 


“This is such a sad conversation considering that I hear these narratives coming from people in the same industry and I’m like, these are the issues,” she said.

“These are the reasons why people don’t grow. This is why as a community, we struggle because we are our own problems. 

“We are the ones steering each other out. We are the ones clamouring for change. It’s just like hitting yourself.


“I also realise that a lot of girls nowadays are doing so many things on the internet. Some are doing things off the internet – their hustles here and there. 

“For me it’s just really upsetting. Are people gonna be coming out on social media to declare their assets for your own validation? 

“Why are you spending so much energy on how much somebody else has? If you channel that energy on yourself perhaps you will realise that there is so much more you can do to make that money.

“I think sometimes some people don’t know how to think outside the box. I don’t owe anyone any explanation on what I do with my life.”


Sharing her personal experience, the movie star said: “I’ve lived this story all my life. In 2005/2007, my first car was a convertible and I also bought this truck, Murano, which just came out at the time and it was like I was the only one in the industry who had it.

“I remember everybody went crazy like, how did she afford to buy it? They made so much false about it.

“Perhaps my male counterparts would look at me and say ok, how is that possible?”

Last year, Ali Baba, the comedian, took a swipe at Nollywood actresses who flaunt unexplained wealth.


Earlier in the year, the OAP Nedu also aimed a dig at celebrities with unknown sources of wealth.

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