Juliana Olayode has opened up about her raging cravings for sex, revealing she’s considering marriage.


The actress, who is also known as Toyo Baby in the series Jenifa’s Diary, in a monologue to her fans, said she is having a hard time abstaining from sexual intercourse.

Olayode, who described her body as having become her own adversary, said her mind has been craving sex.

“Your dearest sister has been going through a lot. My body has been fighting against me like I don’t know it again. It’s getting more difficult to abstain from sex. Everything in my head is screaming sex,” the actress said.


“You don’t know that, the same pressure you go through, I go through even worse. The way it’s going, I’m thinking of getting married for sex.”

Juliana Olayode, while arguing for premarital abstinence from sex, urged fans to find resilience in their faith.

“I have never struggled sexually like I have these past few months. The temptations were huge. I was almost thinking I was bewitched,” she wrote in the caption of the footage.


“Again I was reminded that, on this journey, your strength will fail you and that it takes God to please God. We can not walk this path relying on our own strength, or else we will fall.

“I decided to share my struggles, just to encourage at least one person. Some of y’all who think I have superpowers would know that I have flesh and blood just like y’all.

“Abstaining from sex or staying sexually pure is a decision I have to constantly make every day.

“This is also to encourage somebody who is almost giving up on this journey to hang in there. Remember why you started and draw strength from God and his word.”


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