A lady who claimed to have grabbed Ruger’s crotch at a recent show has apologised for her action amid a wave of heated backlash.


In a video that earlier surfaced online, Ruger could be seen singing and dancing towards the edge of the stage.

As the singer moved closer to the audience, a female concertgoer stretched out her hand and grabbed his crotch.

Dumbstruck, Ruger fends off her grab and holds her hand momentarily before storming off the stage in rage.


The incident attracted a chorus of condemnation on social media, with talks about sexual harassment and male victims taking centre stage.

In a now-viral video, the lady who claimed to be Ruger’s assaulter also kicked against the public criticism of her stunt.

She said her action was a mistake, adding that “I just wanted to embrace him but my hand just touched there.”


“I’m not saying I’m not sorry for what I did. But I don’t like the fact that everyone is cursing at me. I only held something. I didn’t kill him. And if he’s angry that I held his thing, then he’s not a good artist,” the lady said.


“Why would he be angry that I held his thing. I didn’t even mean to do that. I just wanted to embrace him but my hand just touched there. It was just a mistake. Nobody should curse me, please.

“If you’re in my shoes, you will do the same. I saw something and said let me hold it. Is it a crime? Can’t I hold it?”

It remains to be seen if the lady in the video is Ruger’s attacker or she is seeking attention on social media.


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