Comedian, I Go Save, says president Muhammadu Buhari may soon join hordes of Nigerians investing in MMM, a get-quick-rich Ponzi scheme.


The comic while speaking on Hip TV said the president may put his money in MMM due to the economic recession and general scarcity of cash.

He noted that several people have made money through the scheme but advised that Nigerians should be wary of how they invest their money as MMM could fold up anytime.

“With the way this country is going, if care is not taken, Buhari would start to do MMM.


“Well MMM is not bad from what I have heard; people have received money, people have confirmed money but I also remember End Time investment in the early 90s.

“This was how they came, made some people rich and went away with some people’s money.

“Some people you see around now that are crazy didn’t just run mad, it was End Time investment that eloped with their money. When you go close to them, they tell you they are not crazy but End Time investment eloped with their money.


“MMM has no office, it is a networking business, that is the fear I have. Also, it is people who joined earlier that would make more money, so when there is a huge traffic, the scheme crashes.

“However, for those it favours, I wish you all the best”

Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM) is the fastest growing wonder bank in the country, and its website is presently among the most visited in the country.


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