Korra Obidi, the Nigerian dancer, has lashed out at critics advising her to go off social media due to her marital issue with Justin Dean, her American husband.


The entertainer has been in the public eye since Dean announced that “it’s over” between them.

The American had accused her of infidelity, narcissism, and accountability. He had also said he is heartbroken and needs to walk away from their marriage to protect his mental health.

But in her reaction, Obidi said she would now focus on taking care of herself and her new baby.


The couple’s marital issue has been a topic of debate across social media for the past few days, with many users advising the dancer to stay offline for a bit.

But in an Instagram live, Obidi said she “cannot afford to be off social media” because she makes her earning of her online presence.

She then warned critics to “get out of my page” or risk facing her wrath.


“All of you saying that I should leave social media during these times. Are you mad? Do you know that social media pay me? Without social media, how will my kids eat? Please get out of my page,” she said.

“Do you think I have the luxury of doing that? Do you think this is fun and games for me? Don just let me lash out at you. Now more than ever, I cannot afford to be off social media.”

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