Traditionally, Easter is a sacred and old Christian festival. It is an important period to Christians commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Circularly, the period of Easter is marked as a holiday. However, unfortunately, this holiday is short (especially compared to the Christmas Holiday).

What’s the fuss about planning about Easter this time of the year you may ask?

A stitch in time saves nine. Also, beginning early to plan towards the Easter holiday is a wise decision as you have the advantage of more than thirty days to put things in place.

  • Decide How You’ll Be Spending The Holiday

‘How do I want to spend the Easter holiday?’ This important question should guide this stage in planning towards the holiday. The reason this step is useful is because you’ll be able to place the various ways you can send the holiday on the table.

Upon doing this, you’ll then be able to filter your options to the top three. Afterwards, making a choice from these top options would be easier and more efficient.

So whether you’d rather be volunteering, camping, honouring social functions, enjoying binge-worthy movies, or visiting your family, coming to a conclusion on your final choice would be straight-forward.

  • Analyse The Logistics Involved

Now that you have weighed your options of activities and probably, come to a conclusion or at least filtered the to a top three, it’s time to look beyond to logistics.

Logistics usually involve the resources needed to make the activities of choice possible.

These resources could be monetary, or items such as a flight ticket.

  • Decide The Holiday Destination

Tied to the first point, your choice activities would determine the destination.


Knowing the possible destination would help put in perspective your logistics as well. For instance, if you decide to spend the Easter holiday with your family in another city, an important part of logistics would be booking a flight or bus ticket.

  • Make A List Of People Involved

Would you be spending the Easter holiday with family, friends, or would you rather be by yourself? Answer this question objectively alongside the options of activities and destinations involved.

Doing this would keep you fully prepared for the circle of people you would be frequenting during the holiday. Make sure you conduct an excessive research of people you might be running into as well. It’d be embarrassing to run into an ex-lover or important relative for instance, in a holiday function.

While you might never really know precisely whom you’ll be meeting during the holidays, (especially in uncontrolled situations), it helps to have an idea of the calibre of individuals you might encounter.

  • Draw Up A Budget

To avoid frivolous spending, drawing up a budget is an important step to look into in planning for the Easter holiday. Whether it’s transportation, accommodation, or feeding expenses, take the time to put down one-by-one every naira you’ll be spending on these activities.

Of course, you’ll want to budget some extra money for flexing. It’s a holiday after all. Wink, wink.

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