Travelling for work can be a stressful experience, trips to the airport, meetings, schedules, etc, can take their toll. But perhaps the hardest part of the whole trip is the wardrobe choices.


Odds are on your trip you’ll need to meet with people, attend events, dinners, therefore you constantly need to look the part.

However, you don’t want to be carrying a lot of luggage with you, so you need to find the balance and bring a few key pieces that will get you through any eventuality.

Here are a few tips to aid your packing.



Figure out exactly what you need to take

If you have a casual dinner event or dinner party, consider taking an outfit that can go from day to night with just a few adjustments.

This way, you are packing fewer clothes.


Instead of bringing multiple pieces for both your day and evening look, you are using one item and wearing it two different ways.

For men, a good option is taking several ties of different patterns and colours to match your shirt (in plain colours). When going out for drinks in the evening, remove your coat, add a pop of colour to the day outfit with matching shoes and a belt or a dressy silk scarf.


For relaxation, gym or sports

Don’t forget about downtime when you are away. Working out is the best stress reliever after all.


If you are a gym bunny, then a good idea is to pack some work out gear. They are usually light and can be easily tucked into your traveling bag.

And if you plan to have a swim, pack your swimsuit as well.


Wear a jumpsuit when travelling

Jumpsuits are the ultimate in effortless style. Quick to put on and the best two-in-one piece to wear when traveling, no matter your size or shape. They come in different styles, in terms of fabric choice and design.


They are a great one-piece item to pack in, as they take up very little space and still make you appear stylish.

For long trips, wear with a pair of flats or nice sandals to give your feet an easy time. You wouldn’t want to wear your leather shoes or high heels from morning till night, right? Except, of course, it’s a very short trip.


Don’t forget the handbag

If you pick the right one, then one is all you will need. The trick is… go for a neutral color which will match whatever you wear.


Asides black, light tan is a versatile handbag colour that will go with almost anything.

Happy travels.

P.S: When packing, roll up your clothes. This way, you will fit more into your bag and eliminate the risk of creased clothes. You are welcome.

Kobi O. Mbagwu (Mr. Kobi) is a professional image consultant, menswear blogger & entrepreneur.

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