You may be guilty of having the phrase, “great at multi-tasking” or something similar in your resume. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you. The fact remains that a lot of times, we think we can multitask because we can respond to Whatsapp messages while listening to music. Multi-tasking is, however, more than that.

The concept of multi-tasking is flawed as the human mind naturally focuses on one task at a time. This doesn’t mean that one cannot successfully hone the skill of masterfully carrying out several tasks at the same time. With consistency, the brain can be trained to multitask.

To get this skill right, certain factors must be taken into consideration. The first is identifying the kind of tasks that allow multitasking and those which require your entire focus. Understanding the concept of focus and attention is also another factor to consider.

So what tips can help one multi-task the right way?

  • Work On Related Tasks

The best way to multitask is to combine related tasks. For instance, should you be 

Experts explain that the brain experiences a switch with every task a person has to attend to. This is because the brain activates circuits and neurons related to a task at hand.

And although the formerly mentioned switch is fast, it takes a toll on a person’s memory costing some precious time.

To save time, combining several related tasks makes the most task.

  • Combine Routine Activities And Conscious Tasks

We all have daily routine activities which in some cases, have somewhat shaped our habits. Some of these routine activities are working out, driving to work, taking the bus, taking a walk, breakfast, lunch, etc. To multitask effectively, combine these routine tasks with conscious ones.

Listen to a podcast while you take a walk or take the bus, solve a problem while you breakfast, listen to an audiobook while you workout, and so forth.

By merging these activities, you’ll not only be saving time but you’ll be training your brain to focus on multiple activities at a time.

  • Your To-Do Should Be Nearby

You never want to forget to attend to important tasks or activities especially when it comes to important things in your personal life, and career.

By keeping your To-Do nearby either electronically or in hard copy, you’ll be sure to keep track of the activities you have for each day and each week.

  • Know When To Focus On Singular Tasks

As much as multitasking is cool stuff, it’s always important to know when to draw the line. Some tasks especially creative ones require a person’s absolute attention.

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