It is not uncommon to see many struggle with their mental health daily. And while it’s nothing to be ashamed about, they are many steps that can be taken to look after yourself.


Here are seven of them:

Keep in touch with loved ones

With the pandemic came social distancing and staying at home. Even with the world slowly getting back to regular programming, many have become used to the idea of being alone. Being without human interaction for too long can, however, affect your mental health. Ever noticed that you mostly get in deep thoughts or sad when alone? Keep in touch with your family and friends, make plans to hang out with them, and do not cancel! It’ll help you.


Set realistic goals

One reason why the mental health of many suffers is that they have been unable to meet the unrealistic goals they set for themselves. Could be career, academic or personal goals. When setting goals, be easy on yourself. Aim high but be realistic. You’ll feel more accomplished and confident as you progressively smash your goals.

Stay physically active


Regular exercise goes a long way in making you feel good, not just physically but mentally. Also, exercising doesn’t just mean going to the gym, it can also be taking a walk, or doing chores around the house. Whichever type of exercise you prefer, try to make it a regular part of your day.

Manage your social media consumption

Good ‘ol social media is now a major culprit in mental health destruction. Social media can do just as much harm to you as much as it does good. Yes, you need social media to stay informed, but it can also damage your mental health if not properly controlled.

So, you know that account that usually makes you feel sad after viewing? Do yourself some good and unfollow it. Carefully select accounts you follow and set limits on how much you spend on social media each day.


Talk about your feelings

Many times, talking about your feelings can help you feel less overwhelmed. The person you speak to may not have the perfect words to say, but having someone simply listen to you can help you feel less alone. It is, however, important to talk to someone you absolutely trust.

Take small breaks

Yes, you may have deadlines and goals you’re trying to smash, but overworking can be a stumbling block in letting you achieve them. This is because you’ll get stressed in no time and be unable to keep working at some point. What then happens after? You start feeling sad for not meeting those deadlines.


Listen to your body. When you’re tired, take a break. You’ll feel more refreshed to get on with your work. And hey, taking breaks is part of being productive too.

Do something you’re good at

Whatever it is you love doing and are good at, do it often. Doing things you excel at has a way of making you happy and boosting self-esteem which is awesome for your mental health. Carve out time to regularly indulge in this activity. It may be just a few hours weekly, but it’ll still go a long way.


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