Many students have no idea on how to go about getting a scholarship or even applying for more, hence, they tend to think it’s nothing but a pipe dream.


The different types of scholarships we have are merit based, brand, career-specific, college-specific, creative contest and student-specific.

Here are steps to take to get a full university scholarship in Nigeria and abroad.

Apply early


It is advisable to apply when the application is fresh and not many students have registered.

For every type of scholarship, it is never too early to apply.

Early application may just give you the edge over other qualified candidates. Stay alert.


Play a sport

Some of the most reputable scholarships are awarded to students with exceptional skill in a sport.

This is particularly attractive to Nigerian students who seek foreign scholarships.



It is not just about grades and academic excellence, there are several scholarships that are non-academic related.

Your exceptional skill in music or dance and any other creative ability can land you a full college scholarship.

Research for scholarships interested in your unique ability.

Community service/volunteer


A lot of organisations offer scholarships to students whose background or chosen field is somewhat similar to the vision of the organisation.

Charity organisations may also offer scholarships. You can work for any such organisation that you are familiar with to create a fluid commitment and pre-existing relationship.

Choose the one that recognise your background

Some scholarships specifically look out to award people of a particular heritage, group affiliation or religion.


In this instance, streamline your search to such scholarship-offering organisation(s).

Build a relationship with people in scholarship society

Build a strong connection with people in the scholarship society.

Let there be that one person that you call, visit and reach out to such that they notify you (and help out) when there is a new opening.


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