After a tough week at work or school, partying can be a good way to cool off.


If you’re thinking of throwing a pocket-friendly party but you don’t know how to go about is, here are a few tips that may help.

Make a ‘bring your own drink’ policy

The idea of having to ask your guests to bring their own drinks can seem scary, but you would be surprised that people are always down to party despite the silliest terms.


There are guests ready to outdo themselves in bringing their own drinks and in no time, your party will be flowing with awesome people and booze.

This doesn’t mean you cannot provide some drinks for your own party.

Use coupons and great deals to buy items


To buy the party items you’ll be needing, you may want to start way ahead of time and search for great deals.

Use websites offering subsidised products and services.

Opt for party games

Dwelling on offering a budget party to your guests will not usher in the fun the party needs.


An easy way to bring life into your party is adding games to the party schedule. Games like beer pong, charade (depending on the number of guests), dare, spin the bottle and etc. are examples of party-friendly games.

Make your own snacks or look out for cheap snack companies

It is very likely you can make some party-friendly snacks. If you can, it’s way cheaper to make the party snacks yourself. If you tend to be overwhelmed with kitchen duties, maybe invite a kitchen-loving friend to help out.

On the other hand, if the snack of choice is way out of your kitchen league, there are snack companies offering bulk snack delivery at ridiculously cheap rates. This may be that time to give your aunty Suliat a call: the number 1 owambe expert.


Ask your friends to help

You’d be surprised the type of hidden talents some of your friends possess and how they can come in handy when planning a house party.

On the plus side, your friends would be flattered you thought about them to co-host a potentially epic party.

If you have these five tips locked down, your party will have guests talking, tweeting and hashtagging for weeks non-stop.


In the wise words of Banky W, there ain’t no party like a Lagos party and there ain’t gonna be a party like yours in 2019. Wink, wink.

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