The How Foundation held its first ‘Blue-State’ charity match for prostate cancer awareness month on Saturday.

The football event featured four teams- Atletico Sports Club, Soccer Nation, FSG and Access Warriors- playing against each other at the Road 14 Football Pitch, Lekki, Lagos.

After a series of faceoff on the pitch, Soccer Nation emerged the winner of the tournament and Melody was also announced as the highest goal scorer of the day. The winning team went home with a trophy.

Anthonia Ally, chief executive officer of the How Foundation, said the essence of the football match is to create awareness for prostate cancer amongst men and the threat prostate cancer poses to families in Nigeria. She also emphasised that early detection is key so all men from the age of 40 should get checked regularly.

The How Foundation, founded by Herbert Wigwe in 2016, has a mission to help educate on the possibilities of Malaria Eradication in Nigeria, Prostate Cancer awareness and Youth leadership/mentorship programs.

See photos from the event below.

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