Adunni Ade, the actress, has cried out over an alleged threat to her life following her comments during last Saturday’s presidential election. 


Adunni had slammed celebrities who were supporting a presidential candidate — although she didn’t mention names.

She also claimed some of her colleagues wasted two months of their lives to campaign for the presidential candidate and were paid a meagre “N90,000”.

Her comments were, however, not well received by some actresses in the Yoruba movie industry.


In a recent Instagram live session on Wednesday, Adunni asked the public to hold Koko Zaria responsible should anything happens to her.

According to her, Koko Zaria is an associate of MC Olumo, the chairman of the Lagos state parks management committee.

“I got this message probably about 30 minutes ago. I have called the US consulate to inform them what happened. I have also sent an email to that effect. I have informed my lawyer and also the appropriate channels here in Lagos,” she said while she shared the video.


“I wanna play something for you all. I wanna make it public and make it known that if anything, anything at all even if it’s as little as a fly perches on my skin please make Koko Zaria accountable for it because of the post that I made he went online to make some accusations as well and also to make a threat to my life.”

In the video clip, Koko Zaria is heard saying: “Look at that Kemi Afolabi that is nothing in life is abusing us. We will not say anything God will ask them. Abeni or Adunni that does not know how to act, that has been sent out of the Nollywood English industry is also abusing us. That dirty individual.

“It is those that love Asiwaju that came out to support Oluomo. He didn’t use money to call them. All those that came loved God through Asiwaju.


“You are now saying you can give someone N100,000. Don’t allow me to expose you. If I expose you, you will only go and die. What I am saying is, both of you should not meet me – Aduuni Ade and Kemi Afolabi.

“They will teach you a lesson and then we go to the station. Because you want to be using us to play on social media.

“We are confident that Asiwaju will make this country better. We vouch for him.”


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Adunni added that “If anything happens, Nigeria, the US, the world, please hold Koko Zaria, who is affiliated with MC Oluomo and as you all heard him say APC Bola Ahmed Asiwaju and Lagos state government.


“I wouldn’t say they sent him to do this but as you can rightfully hear he mentioned all these people so I wanna take it as maybe he’s the spokesperson for this attack,” she said.

“But I’m not taking this threat likely. I just want everybody to know. If anything happens to me Adunni. I want you to hold Koko Zaria responsible. Today is March the 1st and this is 4:13 pm.”

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