Leading Nigerian disc-jockey, Jimmy Jatt, has said without people like him, the hip-hop culture and community will not be in existence.


In an interview with TheCable Lifestyle at the one year anniversary of The Temple Management Company, the legendary disc jockey said he will release a new album by the third quarter of 2017.

DJ Jimmy Jatt, who has been credited for changing the face of modern Djing in Africa, said: “DJ-ing is an art form. If you go back in history, hip-hop itself is an art form and the DJ aspect of hip-hop is the core foundation of hip-hop.

“If you agree that hip-hop is an art form then the DJ aspect of it lays the foundation for hip-hop. it was the DJ first, before the MC who became the rapper. And then the whole hip-hop culture emerged from that.


“Without DJs there won’t have been any hip-hop community or culture, at all.”

Asked if he has any ongoing project, Jimmy Jatt replied that he has a whole lot of stuff but his primary assignment is being a DJ.

“I play gigs every day. I’m leaving here now to go play a gig. I’m playing a gig on Sunday and I’m leaving the country to go play some gigs outside the country for the next few days. Other than that, I put out music every now and then. I have one or two singles coming out. I’m working on my album which will probably be released sometime within the third quarter of the year,” he said.


“I don’t have a title for the album yet because the songs are developing and when the songs develop it could lead to the title of the album so we give room for it.”

Jatt also stated that he has “loads of songs recorded and I’m yet to decide what the next single will be so I can’t tell you who will be on it. It depends on the single I decide to put out first. The last single that I put out was recorded in 2015 and it had to wait almost a year and half before it could get out”.

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