Hilda Dokubo, Nigerian actress, has cautioned young women who often say “all men are scum” due to a failed relationship.


In a video shared on her Instagram page on Wednesday, the 51-year-old film star also advised ladies to reflect on what went wrong in their relationships and then make consent efforts to fix the problems instead of name-calling.

“Some things are very annoying, you already all know I have boys, my mother gave birth to boys. I have a lot of friends who do not have any daughters, they have only sons. And then you sit in your own house and say all men are scums, you’re calling our life investments scums,” she said.

“Are you for real? In fact, when did he become a scum, you were dating him, he asked you out, you followed him, something went wrong and suddenly he’s a scum. Have you asked yourself why you attracted scum? Maybe there’s something scummy about you too.


Dokubo also saidthat ill-mannered people can’t be identified by gender, adding that if a relationship doesn’t work for one person doesn’t mean it won’t work for others.

“There are a lot of ill-mannered people, males and females. There are a lot of girls who break hearts without even thinking twice, there are a lot of guys who do the same, that doesn’t make anybody scum,” she said.

“It just means that it didn’t work for you, what didn’t work for you may work for two other people. So, you can’t look at a full human being , created by God and nurtured by another woman, you look at him and because of one person you made that bogus statement: “all men are scum.”


“Hold yourself, because you don’t know if you will become the mother of the next scum. It would be better for you if you sat back and looked at what went wrong and what went right, because in that relationship there were things you enjoyed that we were not aware of.”


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