Smiling is one of those things that seem so mundane that we often see it as less important. You’re probably not smiling as you read this.


Maybe it’s the hustle spirit or something entirely different that is getting in the way we should smile genuinely. Whichever it is, most of us seem to have lost our ability to smile.

In today’s article, we’ll be going over some health benefits of smiling, and hopefully, these points can help remind us to smile more often.

  • Smiling elevates one’s mood

Have you ever felt down and experienced a complete change of mood once you smile? That’s the power of a smile. A little science is that when you smile, your brain experiences a release of neuropeptides — causing an almost instant elevation of your mood.


You can try this out next time you feel sad. Smile and notice how not only your mood lightens, but also the way you feel so much better. Making a habit of this could help you enjoy a happier life since you constantly smile even in not-so-favourable moods.

  • Smiling makes you more attractive

Have you ever wanted to start a conversation with a stranger only to be discouraged by the person’s straight face? If you had, then you will agree that smiling makes a person more attractive. And not only that, but more open and reliable.

Practise smiling more often even in the not-so-great times.


This is especially useful for a person meeting others for the first time, i.e, during a first date or a first work meeting.

  • Smiling influences your mindset to be positive

We’ve already established that smiling improves a person’s mood. This in turn helps in transforming a person’s mindset.

Hence, smiling frequently will also help in influencing one to have a more positive outlook on life. Remember this superpower when you’re feeling down, and unlock a renewed mindset.

  • Smiling helps relieve stress

Feeling stressed? Or maybe overwhelmed? This may be the best time to crack up a smile. Sure, stress is almost a norm and part of one’s daily life.


If one could just include smiling in their daily routine, their lives would greatly improve. Smiling has been linked to destressing. This means that in addition to making a person look more attractive, smiling acts as a strong mental health booster.

Smiling has other benefits such as making a person look younger and happier as well as boosting their immune system.

Have other benefits of smiling to share? Please share with us in the comment section.


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