Farting — the act of emitting unpleasant gas through the anus — is often something people detest, particularly when it is done in a public setting.


You’ve probably experienced one of your most embarrassing moments for farting while in the company of friends, family members, or in a crowded place.

But make no mistake, farting is an integral part of digestion and a sign your digestive system is working as it should. It’s the by-product of a digestive system at work and has several health benefits you may not be aware of.

1. Farting is good for your colon health


It’s likely that you’ve come across parents barking at their wards not to hold in gas whenever nature calls. As much as it appears to be an awkward principle to embrace as an adult, it’s something we all need to consider.

Farting helps your colon, better known as the large bowel or large intestine, which is an integral part of your digestive system.  Holding back fart could also be harmful to the colon and the body especially if you have previous digestive issues.

2. It reduces bloating


Experiencing bloating — a feeling of swelling caused by retention of fluid or gas — isn’t something good. But that could be an inevitable experience for you when you decide to hold back gas, especially after a big meal.

While bloating might not be really dangerous in the real sense, it could cause you the worst nightmare and discomfort than anything else.

3. Early warning system

Farting also plays a significant role in helping doctors detect or predict major health issues. Frequent farting, extreme smells, and unusual pains when farting could be pointers to other health conditions such as colon cancer and lactose intolerance.


4. The smell is beneficial to your health

You are likely to be shocked that the smell of farts could be of any benefit to your health. However, that’s simply the reality. Some studies have shown that hydrogen sulphide — a compound we produce in small quantities in our gas — might actually save you from later illnesses.

While farts smell like rotten eggs, they play a significant role in preventing strokes and heart diseases by staving off cell damage.

5. Indicates healthy bacteria gut


Farting could be a key indicator in determining how healthy you are. You are bound to produce more gas for instance if you are healthy and have good digestion. Farting facilitates your gut bacteria into more efficient digestion.

To have good digestion all the time would not cost you much fortune. With proper intake of leafy green foods such as brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage, you can be sure improper digestion is a thing of the past.

6. It can help you balance your diet

While farting could be a pointer to good or bad health, it also helps to suggest if you’re having a balanced diet or not. Your farts could give you a hint of what your guts need and what is lacking in your meal.


Not passing gas frequently, for instance, could be an indication that you need more fibre rich foods such as beans and kale. Having recurring unpleasant smell when you pass gas could also be as a result of too much meat consumption.

7. Farting gives you huge relief

Have you ever tried holding back an impending fart before? I guess it’s not a pleasant experience. Timely release of gas gives you a lot of relief and generally boosts your mood.

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