Not feeling like your best today? Does it suddenly feel like the world is against you? Yeah, we get you because we’ve been in your shoes one too many times.


You’ve spilled coffee over your new shirt, some idiot driver spilled dirty water on you, and that silly conductor almost made away with your change. It’s almost as if the universe is playing a huge trick on you and you’re starting to get frustrated.

The truth is that bad days happen. Even to the best of us and that’s sadly a part of life. Each one of us has had our fair share of bad days and yes, it definitely sucks.

As people who have walked in your shoes, here are some proven ways to lighten your mood. Some of these tips work within minutes while others may take some time to grow on you and colour your happiness.


Take A Walk

A great way to feel better on a bad day is by taking a walk. There’s just something about being out in nature [or wherever your feet take you] that clears the mind. If you’ve experienced this feeling, you’ll definitely understand.

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This simple trick will definitely get you out of your depressing state. Sometimes, sitting in a particular space for a long time can also contribute to your bad mood since it cuts off blood and oxygen flow. By walking, you’re not only allowing for blood flow, but you’re activating your body and therefore, contributing to the general improvement of your body.


If you can, go for a run or a jog. You can also try brisk walking. But the idea is to move. So get up, and move, move, move.

Speak To Your Favourite Person

Sometimes, the best remedy to a catastrophic day is talking with that special person. Most especially if this person is emphatic and lets you speak freely.

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If you have this kind of person in your life, maybe call them up and arrange to meet up. Be completely honest and open with this person about how you’re feeling.


It’s okay if you feel like what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. Remember, this person cares about you and should encourage you to speak your mind.

It’s okay if you cannot find the words to express your frustrations sometimes, your silence speaks louder than words.

Practice Gratitude

Despite the worst day one may have, there’s always something to be grateful for. So if you’re feeling down, choose instead to focus on gratitude.


If you’re finding it difficult “counting your blessings”, remember the little things. You’re alive, you’re well, you have friends and family, and you have a place to lay your head at night.

By practicing gratitude, your mind will gradually shift to feel lighter, content, and happy.

Hang Out With Friends

 What better way to lighten your mood than friends? Call up your gang, and explain your predicament. Your true friends will definitely be down to cheer their buddy up.

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While out, focus on the moment, discard the depressing thoughts, and try to have some fun while at it. Participate actively in whatever activity [legally of course] your friends have arranged for you.

Chances are, you’ll feel way better after doing this.


In some cases, the best way to lighten your bad day is to introspect. Introspection simply means examining one’s thoughts and emotions. By doing this, you’ll be letting yourself process the events causing you sadness and logically retracing your steps.

If you’re being completely honest with yourself while introspecting, you may even identify the mistakes which may have triggered the frustrating events you experienced.

Listen To Uplifting Music

SOURCE: LiveAbout

Music is a powerful tool since it is capable of influencing a person’s mood. What are those uplifting and upbeat songs on your device? This is the right time to play them.

The beats and lyrics of uplighting music have a way of making a person bop their heads or tap their feet. And if you feel like dancing, dance without a care in the world.

If you suck at knowing good music, consult applications like Deezer which curate specific kinds of playlists with great uplifting music.

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