It’s 2016 and the world is constantly changing but some basic rules must remain constant.


As personal as grooming is, a man must not forget what makes a man.

Here are five grooming tips to help you build yourself.

Cut your nails


Keep your nails low at all times. Anytime you have 5 minutes to spare, take out your nail clipper (a must-have essential) and clip away.

The goal is to maintain a thin white line at all times.

Keep your hair neat


Whether you choose to go with a low cut or an afro, it’s important you keep your hair tidy. For low cuts, visit your barber at least once in 2 weeks. If you have an afro, always remember to comb your hair.

Find your style and build on it

Most people believe they need to have a 6-figure account balance before they can be fashionable but that’s wrong.

Know what you’re looking for and find a cheaper alternative but if you insist on the finer things in life and you can afford it, then why not. Investing in yourself is never the wrong move.


Investing in yourself is never the wrong move.

Always use deodorant

If you are not buying anything, buy deodorant. It goes without saying that offensive body odour is a major turnoff to both men and women.

Smelling good will boost your confidence.


Brush and floss

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Do it when you wake in the morning and immediately before bed as the mouth is prone to bacteria.

Always have a packet of floss nearby, to reach the spots your toothbrush can’t.


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