Griot Fest, a food festival celebrating the Haitian people’s and cultural heritage, is set for a comeback later this year.


The annual event, which usually spans two days, was postponed indefinitely in 2020 due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

But in a statement to TheCable Lifestyle on Monday, Skinner Louis, one of its main sponsors, said plans are already underway to resume the event this year.

“Our objective is to use this year’s event to create awareness for young teens, to make them aware that irrespective of your national origin, color or religion, they can own businesses and/or be successful at whatever career or goals they choose to pursue in life,” he said.

Skinner Louis

He said this year’s organisers will be working hand in hand with medical experts to ensure the safety of all attendees.

Louis added that the organisers are also exploring the options of providing free vaccine shots onsite for everybody who attends.

The festival, which holds in Florida, consists of two main parts namely the entertainment and the food/chef showcase.


While the entertainment showcase presents performances by both upcoming, supporting and headline musical and comedic Haitian artists; the food showcase focuses on different Haitian restaurants, food stalls and chefs.

Louis explained that sponsoring the festival is his way of giving back and supporting the Haitian and black communities in Florida.

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