Grey DeLisle-Griffin, American actress and singer, has narrated how her marriage to Christopher DeLisle, her first husband, crashed after she mistakenly confessed to cheating on him.


The songwriter brought the revelation to light in a Twitter post on Saturday.

Grey said she tied the knot with DeLisle at 19 but the union hit the rocks while the pair were playing scrabble game.

The 47-year-old singer said while the game was on, her husband — at the time — had asked her if she was cheating on him.


Grey said — unknown to her that he was talking about the game — she had broken down in tears and confessed to being unfaithful in the union.

The musician said it was later that she understood his question, adding that the development culminated in the union’s eventual collapse.

“I got married at 19 and things ended when we were playing scrabble. He asked me if I was cheating and I immediately broke down crying and tearfully confessed everything…because I didn’t realise he was talking about the game,” she wrote.


Grey had been married three times but none of the union stood the test of time. She married DeLisle in 1992 but they divorced in 1993.


In 2002, the actress married Murry Hammond, a member of Old 97, an American alternative country band.

They, however, parted ways in 2010 — three years after the birth of the union’s only child, Jefferson Texas Hammond.

The singer would later marry Jared Griffin, whom she met on Twitter in 2012.

The union produced two children namely Harlan (born in 2014), and Mariposa (2016). Like the previous marriages, however, her third marriage crashed in 2017.


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