Marcus Grey, US gospel rapper, would be receiving the sum of $2.7 million as compensation for a song of his which was lifted by Katy Perry, singer and songwriter.


Earlier this week, a US court found Perry, her producers and songwriters guilty of copyright infringement.

On Thursday, they were ordered to pay the sum after a federal jury ruled that a part of her 2013 ‘Dark Horse’ was lifted from the gospel singer’s 2009 song ‘Joyful Noise’.

At the week-long trial, which held in Los Angeles, the prominent singer denied infringing on Grey’s copyright and claimed that the beat she allegedly dubbed was “commonplace” and couldn’t have been copyrighted.


“The writers of ‘Dark House’ consider this a travesty of justice,” Christine Lepera, Perry’s attorney, said as the songstress’ representatives vowed to appeal if the case is not dismissed pending a defense motion.

Perry also claimed she never heard Grey’s song prior to her 2013 release but Micheal Khan, Grey’s lawyer, pressed further and demanded a much higher penalty of around $20 million.

“These defendants made millions and millions from the plaintiffs’ song,” Khan told the court.


He added that Perry had “copied an important part” of the song.

The American vocalist and TV judge was, irrespective of her claims, ordered to pay over $550,000 to Gray.

Capitol, Perry’s label, was also ordered to pay the sum of $1.2 million for damages as other stakeholders in the 2013 project and her producers would similarly contribute to the settlement.

Watch Grey’s song, ‘Joyful Noise’:


Watch Katy’s song, ‘Dark Horse’:


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