Dear Praise,


I need your help because my girl friend is too demanding. Since we started the relationship it has been from one expense to another; from school fees to recharge cards. I am trying to do everything to please her but she is never grateful and not considerate. We always fight anytime I am broke and only come together whenever I am able to take care of her financially. I am having a slight challenge in my business at the moment and don’t want to lose this girl. Please kindly help me out with some tips to retain this lady.


Dear Chukwuemeka,


The first question I’d love to ask you is ‘Are you a sponsor or a lover or an ATM’? Why would you want to retain a girl that is feeding on you as a host and ready to suck you dry? It is not a coincidence that you guys always fight whenever you are broke and that is an indication that she is singing a familiar song to you titled ‘All I want is your cash’

Since you have requested for tips I’d give you the following:

  1. Rediscover yourself as a person and find out what is most important to you
  2. Build new friendships of genuine and sincere people who truly love you
  3. Free this lady from your life because it is clear your business is going down the drain with her and if your life is already like this when you have not gotten married to her what happens when you marry her?
  4. Don’t apologize for letting her go and quickly run to share your testimony to thank God for delivering you from a what would have taken your investments

May I also say to you that this lady would eventually dump you should you decide to continue the relationship.


I hope I have been of help to you.

Dear Praise,

I love your style of response to people’s question. I am 35 at the moment and everyone seems to be telling me something is wrong because no one is willing to marry me. I don’t feel I need to be married because I don’t think I have what it takes since I am career driven but my mum, my pastor  and my family members are on my neck and insisting I must give them a child.



Dear Jumoke,

There is no place where it is written that we must all get married  as a matter of fact your pastor should have read where Jesus even said ‘Not everyone can be married’. If your career is your life then I would rather you focus on that career and become a blessing to the entire world than take up the responsibility of being someone’s wife and making the person miserable.

However I would advice you see a counselor because there might be some underlying problems we might need to examine about your childhood and what could have triggered your decision to think you should not be married but I also believe no one has a right to force you into what you don’t want to do.

May I advice you to sit your parents down and explain to them what your life goals are and what you intend to achieve with your life that may prevent you from being a committed wife and mother. I noticed that many people want you married so that you can give them children which means they don’t respect you as a being but as a baby manufacturing factory which I don’t think is right.


Kindly speak with your parents and don’t forget to go for counseling in case an event in your past is responsible for your stance. But trust me marriage is not compulsory and not everyone can be married.

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