As the rainy days descend upon us, you don’t want to be caught off guard by those tiny soldiers who unite to form a formidable army on the ground.

The following are the must haves, dos and don’ts of rainy days.


You should always have an umbrella with you. This applies to everyone. Umbrellas are designed to protect you from sunshine and rain but are more commonly used during the rainy season.

Even if you own a car, it is advisable that you always have an umbrella in your boot. You don’t want to get wet between the distance from your car to your office.

Ladies are advised to go for small foldable umbrellas as they can fit easily inside the handbag and the chances of getting lost are minimised.

Unfortunately, it could be a battle between you and your umbrella if it gets really windy. So, remember to always go for quality and not fashionable umbrellas.


This is an alternative for the umbrella. The beauty of the raincoat is that it is designed as an outerwear to keep you dry. It is more preferred by the gentlemen. Also, motorists and traders patronise it because of its convenience.

When buying a raincoat, go for the free and bright coloured ones like blue, yellow, red… because they prevent heat.

Shower caps

This is a must have for the ladies. Good news! You can still rock that Brazilian weave on even under the rains.

The shower caps are not just meant to be used in the bathroom. They could also be used in the pool, when fetching water and when it rains.

They are very handy, affordable and readily available.

Rubber footwears and bags

Rubber foot wears now come in funky and fashionable designs and colours for both male and female, so you don’t have to fret about sporting them.

They are designed to suit different occasions and are compatible with water and easy to clean.

You can step out in your leather shoes and boots but ensure that you have a backup rubber footwear in your bag.

Rubber bags and wallets are also encouraged as they protect your money, books, ID cards and other valuables from the rain.

Like the footwears, they also come in varying colours, shapes and designs.

Wear protective clothes

The rainy season is usually accompanied by influenza, commonly referred to as ‘flu’ or ‘catarrh.’ A running nose, cold or fever can mar one’s day.

To avoid this, wear clothes that cover modestly. You could also use cotton gloves, jackets and sweaters to keep warm.

Avoid heavy makeup

This applies specifically to ladies. Use minimal or waterproof makeup to avoid teary eyes or a discoloured face. You can’t change the weather but you can change the way you look and feel in it.

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