Genevieve Nnaji, actress and filmmaker, has given her take on how the Nigerian movie industry can connect with a global audience.


She said it is important to use the medium of films to tell our “compelling stories”, “endless tales” and share our experiences with the world.

The ‘Lionheart’ director shared her view on how Nollywood can have a strong footing in the global sphere during a feature on TIFF Originals.

Nnaji explained: “I think Africa is full of compelling stories. We have experiences as Africans. Being a Nigerian, I know there is history as to how the country was built and how we were colonised. Our tales are endless.


“I think majority of Nigerians, Africans and even the world, in general, have no idea about who we are and how we became and why we are the way we are. I think sometimes the best way to get through to people is through film.

“A lot of our stories as Africans have so much to do with what we are fighting against, like equality. Sometimes, visually, you can touch lives, you can explain things. I think people can connect.

“I think there’s a lot of disconnect to the world and I think that the only way to make the world a smaller and place and re-introduce ourselves to each other through film.


“Just being given a chance to tell your own story in your own way on behalf of your people, I think is a blessing, and that will encourage diversity in the film industry.

“The greatest thing I learnt with Lionheart is that we need to incorporate movies by us to the benefit of others. When we tell our stories, we should have this at the back of our mind that we want people who are not like us to understand what we are trying to say.

“People can relate to love, hate and pain. All of that is universal. Just being open and inclusive. I think when we include the rest of the world, that way, we can be included in the world, especially in the world of film.”

The actress recently signed with United Talent Agency (UTA), one of Hollywood’s top talent management companies.


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