Gabriel Afolayan says his growth in acting is not solely connected to Kunle Afolayan, his older brother.


In a chat with HipTV, the Nollywood actor spoke of his brother, who has featured him in a number of films he has produced.

Asked to comment on the speculations solely attributing his acting growth to his brother’s support, Gabriel, who is working towards the release of his first solo film project titled ‘U Turn’, said he has also been able to prove himself.

“That (the speculation) is not true. He’s my brother but he’s given me the chance to prove myself as well. So it’s not about him supporting me, even though his huge support is what I relied on at the earlier stage,” he said.


“But I’ve been able to do something for myself as well. I no even send. Yeah, if he’s supporting me in any way, I’m glad. It’s okay. People know he’s my brother and he’s been supporting me. Both work: his effort and my effort.”

Gabriel also gave his opinion on the conversations bordering on royalties and backend contracts in Nollywood.

“Now that we have a lot of streaming platforms, people are teaming up and doing backends now unlike before. As time progresses, we will start getting more royalties. It’s a buildup and can’t be rushed.” the actor added.


“It’s a better time. The more value we bring, the more dividends we will have. It will keep developing.”

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