“Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow”… indeed, not all friendships are meant to last forever.


When the negative energy of a friend begins to take a toll on you; when their words, and deeds are detrimental to your motivation, it’s time to cut that tie.

Here are signs to help you identify friendships worth discarding.

Parasitic friends


Friends who only think of benefiting from you and never have the thought of giving back to you are not true friends.

Parasitic friends leave you when you are broke and show up when your purse is fat again.

They are never around when you need them but they know how to burden you with their problems.


They are called fairweather friends.


Friends who grow green with envy and are bitter when you acquire something new or what they don’t have, are not worth keeping around.

Friends that fall into this category strive to get everything you possess and are never happy with your progress. They talk you out of any good decision you arrive at, and criticise every good step you take.


One-way friendship

You are the only one committed to the friendship; you do the calling, texting, you chat them up first and you are there for them when they show up with problems.

You find it hard to understand their true nature and you can’t predict them. All they do is talk about themselves and never ask about your own issues.



They doubt everything you say and don’t believe in your dreams; they make it obvious that they have no jot of faith in you.

Such friends are always ready to discredit even when you achieve something.

Constant conflict

Some friends are often judgmental, hard to please, too quick to react and are not interested in listening because everything revolves around them.


They try to initiate conversations on a friendly note, start growing contentious and finally end with discord.

You can’t see their flaws

Friends who feign perfection as though they don’t err are to be avoided.

They exaggerate and tell you stories that are far from being true; they make you believe that every action they take is the best and only way.

You have to do away with such friends in order to achieve your dreams because they’d never want you to be an inch above them.

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