Managing relationships can be tricky, especially when you do not know what you are doing wrong.


Although the rules are not set in stone, there are some things that you do that would put your man in a bad place, lead to fights and maybe end your relationship.

Ladies, we are sure you only have the best intentions but you might want to avoid the following for a happy and lasting relationship.

Trying to change him 


This is the most common mistake women make going into a relationship.

Yes, you like him but there are some personality traits you know you can’t live with longterm but you still forge on hoping your influence in his life will change him.

Darling, influencing a person is not a day’s job so you must learn to be patient.


If you come on too strong, he will start pretending and when he is tired of pretending to make you happy, he’ll leave.

Trying to control him

True, there are times when you have the best idea on the way to do things but trying to have your way every time is not how relationships work.

If you become too bossy, he will start keeping secrets from you and doing things behind your back.


A relationship where both voices are equally heard is the way to go.

Using sex as a bargaining chip

If you are already having sex with your partner, a good way to rain on the parade is to withhold sex.

If you constantly deny him sex in this day and age where sex is everywhere you turn, you’ll be pushing him away.


Coming between him and his family

Try your best not to make him choose between you and his family.

If you constantly have issues with his family, it will put him in a bad place of having to take sides.

There are situations where his family might be horrible and if he has half a brain he already knows it so he doesn’t need you to antagonise his family more.


If there’s a conflict, and it involves you, it’s best to let him settle it.

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