People working in the creative industry will understand how truly frustrating it can get having to deal with creative blocks. For better understanding, creative blocks are described as the inability to access one’s inner creativity. This situation is also referred to as; creative barriers.


People in creative professions like; writers, artists, performers are most commonly affected by creative blocks which could last days, months, and in worse cases, years.

Because creatives depend on creativity to perform their jobs, crafts, or art, experiencing a creative block can have adverse effects on not just the quality of their work, but also on their mental health.

Creative blocks are almost nearly inevitable as most creatives will experience this at least once during their lifestyle. Since this evil is almost inevitable. Below are five ways to recover from creative blocks.

  • Create A New Creative Routine

If you’re experiencing a creative block, it’s likely that your current creative routine isn’t as productive as you might think it is. 

It’s very common for creatives to feel that they have to wait until they feel a sudden sparks of creativity before they can attend to their work. Contrarily, dedicating a block of time for one’s creative work and making a habit of this will put a creative at an advantage.

Allocate a schedule strictly for your creative work daily, or weekly. During this time, make sure to attempt to put in some work whether it’s painting something, anything, writing something down, composing a melody or song etc. By continuously putting in effort into your craft, it’ll be easier for you to get your groove on.

  • Engage In Activities Which Take Your Mind Off Work

Sometimes, the best way to overcome a creative block is to actually take your mind off the work in question. But do not be idle as this could permit frustration or depression to set in.

Instead, engage in other activities like taking a walk, hiking, watching a movie, having a good time etc.

But while engaging in these activities, make sure to always carry along a portable notepad and pen. You never can tell when the sweet jolt of inspiration will spark. And you want to be fully prepared to take this down for reference.

  • Speak With A Colleague Or Friend

Sometimes, all you need during a time of creative block is to converse with a friend or colleague. Do not overthink this conversation, just allow it flow. 


You may discover during the course of the conversation how aptly and clearly you could express yourself and maybe even, the trigger of the block.

However, it’s okay should you not be able to find out the trigger for your block during this conversation. Remember, this is not a serious thing. You are just exercising the expression of your feelings.

  • Work On Another Project

You might be experiencing a creative block because you’re working on the wrong project or the right project at the wrong time. 

Should this be the case, box up the project and focus on something new and fresh. Again, should you still be experiencing creative barriers during this new project, you should consider taking a break and trying one or all of the previously mentioned suggestions in this article.


Remember that you are beyond your creativity and that a creative block does not define you. Look on the bright side, at the end of this dark barrier tunnel, lies sparks of breakthrough inspiration.

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