Skin, face, hair, eyes, nails, feet, are parts of the body most of us make the most fuss about. And honestly, sometimes we aren’t fair to the delicate part of our body called lips. You’d think that since lips are pasted on our faces and we kiss with it, we’d take better care of them but unfortunately, that isn’t the case.


We’re guilty of letting our lips go through so much suffering and stress to the point where it becomes problematic.

If you’re on this table, don’t worry, it won’t shake so much. Relax because, in this article, we’ll be going over some tips which you can begin to apply on your own to get softer, healthier, and “kissable” lips?

Chapped lips, cold sores, fungal infections are some of the haters of your lip health and should be avoided at all cost!


Some of the tips you should include in your lip-care routine include:

  • Moisturize Often

When it comes to anything with skin on it, moisturizing is a priceless ritual. You want to keep those lips moisturized day and night. Lips are exposed to a lot of sun (I think scientifically, the bottom lip more especially) making them targets for dryness, as well as chronic diseases.

Knowing this, opt for lip products lip balm, lip gloss, chapstick, with adequate SPF content in them.


You might not know this but even before going to bed, it is important to have your lips moisturized. So yes, definitely apply a generous amount of lip product before going to bed.

  • Exfoliate Your Lips

Some people tend to be shocked over-moisturizing their lips and this shouldn’t be so. Recall that lips are part of skin after all and if there’s one thing that is the greatest enemy of skin, it is dead cells which eventually cause depigmentation.

One of the most common lips exfoliating exercises is to dip a soft, brand new toothbrush in an exfoliating substance of choice ( maybe honey and cinnamon. Or honey and turmeric powder but please make sure you mix the cinnamon thoroughly in the honey as cinnamon is quite spicy). After dipping the brand new brush, gently brush across one lip (upper or lower) from side to side.

Please note it’s important that you brush your lips very gently to avoid causing an injury.

  • Reapply Lip Product Often

If there’s one thing wearing masks has taught us, it’s re-applying lip products more often. Asides from wearing masks, activities like eating, drinking, talking, are prone to smudging off your formerly applied lip product.

So keep your preferred product handy and don’t be shy to always reapply a product whenever you notice your lips are dried out.

  • Use The Right Products

It’s good to use lip products but what’s more fun is using the right product. If you have the means, visit a dermatologist to recommend the best-fit lip product suitable for your skin type and climate.

Another thing you want to look out for is the credibility of the producers of the product you’d like to purchase. Organic lip products are good, however,  thoroughly examine whatever product you wish to use.


I cannot even lie, caring for the lip isn’t as easy as one would think but one thing I’ve come to learn is that simplicity is great when caring for your lips.

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