You’ve probably heard people discuss on several occasions, the importance travelling solo has on a person’s mental health.


However, cliche these testimonies laced with euphemisms might sound, there are scientific and logical explanations backing up the importance of solo-travelling for an individual’s well-being.

In fact, taking alone trip holds more meaning than lounging in nice resorts, sipping sinful cocktails and sharing attractive pictures on Instagram. Travelling alone does more for the soul and some of these benefits are:

Travelling solo enhances happiness


Going through a stressful time at work or at home? Take a trip alone as it is a great way to decompress and become happier.

More often than we can help, our daily routines might tend to render us tired, stressed, frustrated and unhappy. Taking the confidence to travel alone to new locations and try out new things, will ensure we are more relaxed and calm.

The body’s cortisol levels will reduce causing the mind to be more relaxed and happier. This way, an individual can take their mind off stressful or worrisome thoughts.


Travelling solo enhances creativity

Creative block is a period in which an individual’s creative output diminishes in several levels. Unavoidably, there are times when an individual’s creative productivity hits rock bottom.

By travelling alone, an individual’s mind will be exposed to new sights, people, culture, society etc and these elements might be the trigger to unblock their creativity.

It is worthy of note that the fastest way to boost creativity on a trip or holiday is to be immersed in the local culture of wherever you may be in.


Travelling solo encourages self-reinvention

Every human needs to recharge and reinvent. For some, this process is imperative within shorter periods and for others, a longer period of time.

By meeting new people, visiting new places, and engaging in new activities, an individual will naturally face moments of self-evaluation. During self-evaluation, an individual will factor in their progress, development and learning to determine habits, routines, and behaviour to retain and those to disengage.

By so doing, this individual undergoes the simple yet complex process of self-reinvention.


Travelling solo fosters new relationships

By virtue of being human, travelling solo will most likely place an individual in situations to initiate new relationships. From conversing with strangers to sharing hostels with roommates, there are boundless opportunities these new relationships could create.

If an individual is introverted or socially anxious, travelling alone could create the perfect opportunity for them to get over their shyness and awkwardness to interact with others.


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