It’s less than twenty-four hours until Valentine’s Day on February 14; a day set aside to commemorate lovers all over the world.


A common way lovers commemorate this special day is in exchanging gifts as a sign of either appreciation, and, or, expressing their love to their partner.

Hence, the need to gift items which will leave a memorable impression on one’s loved one. 

It is also important to keep in mind that your partner, whether; husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, loves you whether or not you get them a Valentine’s Day gift. However, note that getting them a Valentine’s Day gift would endear you more to them as it means that you are thoughtful and appreciative of them on the special day.


So what if you’ve been too busy or have forgotten to get a gift ready for your partner? Is it the end of the world?

Certainly not. While you may not have gotten your partner a gift just yet, it’s never too late as you can still get something even at the last minute.

As you make up your mind on a gift to get the special person in your life, think up of items which are unique and match your partner’s interests, hobbies, or career.

  • Customized item 

There’s no better way to constantly remind your partner that you love them than with a customized item. You can book or order for custom-made products such as bracelets, necklaces, wallets, wristwatches and even mugs.

You may choose to defile the popular custom-made texts like partner’s name or initials, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, and ‘I Love You’, with words of your own. 

Customized Bracelet, Etsy

Etsy has the above-pictured bracelets on their website. Notice that under the description of this item, the due delivery date is in March. 

You may alternatively tour on Instagram and Twitter for decent local vendors offering these services at really affordable prices and less than 72-hour delivery timeline.


Remember to cross-check spellings with the vendor before your order is ready to avoid any form of delay.

  • Handwritten note or letter

A letter stirred the cause of the entire storyline in the Netflix Original, To All The Boys I’ve Loved and this is no coincidence.

Love Letter Fredickburg

A handwritten note or letter reminding your partner how much they mean to you is a sure way to celebrate them on Val’s Day. 

Stores like Miniso and Ebeano sell pretty greeting cards and artsy envelopes to help accomplish the perfect handwritten letter.

  • Make dinner for two

Want to translate your love into food? Then clear your schedule and make a meal for your Valentine. 

Cooking, Foodal

Make your partner’s best meal and invite your partner to a cosy Valentine’s Day celebration.

Having difficulties cooking? Simply consult several online cooking websites like this one, for inspiration.

  • Book a romantic date

You can go down the classic Valentine Day’s route by booking a romantic date for two. You may either book in a restaurant memorable to both of you or surprise your partner by booking that special restaurant they’ve always wanted to eat at.

Date Night, 727Area

You may be interested in restaurants like Mint By Eat Green Company offering special promos for couples on Valentine’s Day.

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