Typically, the average monthly growth rate of human fingernails is about 3 millimetres.


To put that in better perspective, the average short rice grain is about 5.5 millimetres long; meaning that it takes a long period of time for fingernails to grow.

This reality can be especially frustrating for individuals who want to spot their natural nails but might not be able to because their nails are either too short, unevenly shaped or brittle.

As usual, all hope is not lost in maintaining healthy, strong, and beautiful nails thanks to mother nature’s gift of essential oils and herbs. When choosing the essential oil to use on nails, ensure that it is 100% organic and pure.


Some of the most famous essential oils to maintain healthy, long nails are:

Vitamin E oil

Most people associate Vitamin E oil only for their skin and hair routine. In truth, Vitamin E is a powerful option for growing fingernails faster. If opting for Vitamin E capsules, break the oil and apply it on nails then massage carefully. Keeping up with this routine at least once a week will increase the growth rate of nails.


Lemon oil

Just as with the skin, lemon oil brightens nails with yellowish discolouration.

Lavender oil

If you struggle with brittle nails which break off eventually, then Lavender oil is the best option for maintaining healthier nails. Lavender oil contains properties that strengthen the cuticles and fight off germs. Additionally, lavender oil contains antibacterial agents that fight off germs.


Geranium essential oil

Just like lavender oil, geranium oil is another good option for achieving moisture in the nails. This oil helps enhance the moisture content in the nails improving growth rate since dry nails tend to break off and grow at a slower rate.

Note: Although the mentioned oils will help improve the general health of the nails, one must not ignore the consequences of diet in maintaining healthy nails. Foods rich in Vitamin A, C, B-complex, E, D, zinc, Omega 3, calcium, and sulfur are just some examples of food classes that improve the overall health of fingernails.

Flaxseed, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Amla oil and Argan oil are other examples of essential oils to try in improving nail growth.


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