Dear woman, if no one has told you this today, ‘You’re beautiful and strong’. If someone has, then consider this a reminder.


Working a 9 to 5 is not an easy feat in Nigeria. As if working so hard to prove your worth at your job isn’t enough, personal matters and ‘slaying’ beg for your attention as well.

Regardless, picking out outfits each day of the week that are both comfortable and stylish can be a bit of a challenge as well as boring. 

And to fight this challenge, a step in the right direction is minimising your wardrobe to few but functional and comfortable pieces of clothing.


Some of the five outfit ideas you can never go wrong with are;

White shirt, pair of Jeans and Pumps (or loafers)

Know this. You can never go wrong with a pair of good quality jeans and white shirt. 


Do not be boring, substitute plain shirts for those with statement patterns and cuts. Make sure your white shirt is as bright as your future, well-tailored, and well-pressed.

For the jeans type, opt for fitted  straight cut, bootcut and mom jeans. You may pair this outfit with flat shoes like ballet pumps, loafers, brogues, or pumps.

You can switch up this outfit idea by pairing a striped shirt with jeans instead.

Shirtdress, Belt and Mules Heels


A shirtdress is a cross between a classic female dress and male shirt complete with sleeves, collars (sometimes) and belts.

Rocking a shirtdress will not only leave you feeling comfortable, but feminine and powerful as well. Thankfully, there are a variety of cuts and designs to pick from depending on your taste and style.

Make sure to choose shirt dresses which are designed specifically for formal or semi-formal environment. This might mean avoiding those with really high-cut slits.

T-shirt, Slacks, and a pair of Brogues (Blazer optional)


Can there be any outfit more comfortable than matching a t-shirt with slacks?

Invest in good quality t-shirt (with or without inscriptions) to achieve this outfit idea more often. Investing in a pair of black or dark-toned slacks is also a brilliant move.

This outfit can be paired with not only a pair of brogues, but also sneakers and heels.

Office Midi dress, Pair of (White) Sneakers


Corporate midi dresses are beautiful! They’re both comfortable as well as accentuate the figure of the wearer.

This outfit has a twist to it however, as you’d be pairing it with a pair of white sneakers. Luxury brand sneakers do very well in corporate settings and you’ll not regret investing in one. If you cannot, however, afford a luxury piece, opt for cheaper alternatives which can be found in sneaker brand stores and even local markets.

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