What did the Easter holiday feel like without the usual activities we’ve become accustomed to? In this part of the world, the Easter holiday can easily be recognized as one of the top ten national festivals.


This holiday is usually spent with family, vacationing, visiting amazing places, and just engaging in fun activities.

Unfortunately, the nicknamed ‘Rona’ pandemic which began to make the waves in the media in January, has altered a lot of things.

Towards the end of March, the Nigerian federal government issued a compulsory lockdown on certain major cities to prevent the spread of the virus after the first few cases were recorded.


Some of the weird ways people spent the Easter holiday include:

  • Netflix and Chilling

What better way to spend the Easter holiday during the lockdown than watching some good old Netflix content.

Ah, what other way to celebrate the victorious resurrection of Jesus than to binge-watch on Netflix. It’d be no surprise that the online movie-streaming platform witnessed a surge in its viewership rate during the holiday.


TV-Series and movies on other platforms such as; Iroko TV, were also top on people’s to-do lists during the holiday.

So if you spent the past weekend binging through Orange Is The New Black again, know that there were a lot more people like you too.

  • Holding Virtual Hangout

An interesting and important lesson the lockdown has taught us is that the internet can connect us to others more than we ever imagined.

Virtual concerts, discussions, parties, and the like, have been the rave since the lockdown and was maximized by a lot of celebrities, brands, and individuals alike.


Social Media Challenges like the #DOntRushChallenge also helped connect people on the internet from the comforts of their homes. 

  • Just Eating 

If you spent the holiday just eating more than you should, there’s no need to feel bad.

In fact, it’s normal to expect while people will be spending more time at home, their hunger cravings would increase. If you fall on this table and have almost eaten your way through your lockdown food supply, again, do not feel bad.

There’s not so much you can do. Well, maybe except for not eating every other minute. 

  • Secretly Visiting Loved Ones

We do not know if it’s cultural or just psychological, but the typical Nigerian just has a strong inkling to pay their loved ones visits.

During the holidays, this urge triples and that is why your Uncle Rabiu is always at your house during the holidays to eat rice, chin-chin, and some malt.

Of course, while the government placed a ban restricting the movement of citizens, it’s their wahala because come what may, some Nigerians must pay a visit to their loved ones, and that’s about that.

  • Plugging In to Live Virtual Church Services

The good Christains among us remained faithful to attending church services even during this lockdown


Interestingly, most churches have created convenient virtual live-streaming of services and sermons which their members could enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

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