Harmattan is here but you need not go berserk because of that. Harmattan is a very dry, dusty easterly or north-easterly wind on the West African coast, occurring from December to February every year.


Make no mistake, it’s probably not the dreadful season many people think of. With these simple tips, it could turn out to be your best season.

Here we go…

Increase your intake of water and fruits


Harmattan brings increased dehydration of the body because of the dry air. To this end, you need to ensure more intake of water during this season to stay healthy.

If possible, take at least 1.5 liters of water everyday to keep your body hydrated and strong. Like water, increased intake of fruits is essential to keep the body healthy during the harmattan season. Fruits are generally good sources of vitamins and minerals and they also have high water content. They are also good for fighting infections. Fruits build immunity against chronic cough and other infections associated with common cold.

Avoid outdoor activities


Another way of keeping yourself healthy during the harmattan season is avoiding too much of outdoor activities. Harmattan is characterised by dusts, intense cold and an extremely hot weather. Constant contact with any of this will be inimical to your health. Therefore, it is essential you plan your movement very well before going out.

Watch what you wear

Surviving the harmattan season is not all about attire the you wear. However, it is one of the key things you must consciously do to stay healthy throughout such season. A good knowledge of what to wear at the right time is key during this season. Generally, the early hours of the day are always extremely cold during harmattan periods.

As such, you should try to wear thick clothes to keep the body warm. Those who work in air-conditioned offices should endeavour to have their body properly covered during such period.


Use skin care products

Harmattan season can really be unfriendly to our skin.  It is therefore pertinent we dissipate more attention to taking good care of the skin during such period. The good thing about moisturizing is to prevent dry skin and dry palms. Also, you can use lip balm to prevent cracked lips.

Watch out for fire outbreaks

Fire outbreaks are usually common during harmattan and the reason is not far-fetched: the dry atmosphere aids rapid spread of fire. The simple way of staying safe during such period is to be more conscious of possible causes of fire outbreaks.


Those who use cooking gas at home should ensure they check the expire dates of their cylinders. More caution should also be exercised with electrical appliances while you should avoid any illegal electrical connections. Notably, try and procure fire extinguishers in case of any emergency.

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