The average employee will spend most of their working hours at a desk. But unfortunately, a good number of individuals working at a desk will develop some form of posture problems resulting in backache.


They’ll be potentially prone to headaches, which in serious cases could cause a lack of focus and subsequently, reduced productivity.

So how can one avoid these common problems associated with working from a desk? The answer is simply by practising healthy habits. Some of these habits include:

  • Drink lots of water

It might seem weird that this made the list of healthiest practises while working at a desk. In fact, what does water have to do with your work ethics right?


But think about how truly weak and disoriented you may have felt if you’ve ever experienced dehydration while working. 

Not only is it important to drink as much as possible while working, but this habit also doubles as a way of implementing the prescribed daily water intake.

Use a reusable water container to hold as much water as you can. Place this can close to your work station but make sure the lid is tightly shut to avoid spilling water on your computer or electronic gadget.

  • Always sit up straight

It’s quite common to come across an individual working from a desk who complains about backaches, neck pains and general bad posture.

A major trigger of bad posture is not sitting up straight. Thankfully with tech, certain work desks brands have innovated desk and chair types which support the straightening of the spine and overall good posture.

  • Use your computer properly

Stop. Hunching. Over. Your Computer. Instead, sit up straight and make sure your eyes are of a levelled angle with your computer. 

There are computer stands which allow your computer to sit at the recommend angle away from your eyes as recommended by specialists. Invest in a premium quality computer stand today, and say bye, bye to bad posture and eye defects.

  • Take short breaks

It’s safe to assume that an average employee isn’t fit. Most of them will end up sitting at their desk for hours a day in and day out. This stationary lifestyle will not only promote unfit, unhealthy individuals but also affect the general brain function to be highly productive and deliver.

By taking short breaks at intervals while working, you’re letting your mind feel more at ease with the pressures of deadlines and etc.

  • Exercise at intervals

By sitting at a desk for hours every day, most times a week, it’s very easy to become unfit.

Try doing light stretches every half an hour. Stretch your fingers, then arms, then neck, and then your waist, and legs.


If you’re up for it, medical experts advise to walk around the office. By doing this, you encourage proper blood flow and functionality of your body.

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