Was today a bad day? Or was it yesterday? Could something happen tomorrow which could shake you up in a bad way? That’s life. Hugely unpredictable, and definitely full of surprises. We’ve all been there: going through situations that shake up our self-confidence.


It could start as simple as waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or as going through a bad day. Whatever the case, we go through certain days where we question our existence, lives, achievements etc.

This is not a good feeling to keep around for long as this could cause serious damage to our mental health.

Although we’re no experts, here are four suggested tips that could help you regain your self-confidence faster than the snap of Thanos’ fingers.


Breathe In, And Breathe Out

This is probably the best advice in any unstable situation. Because you might be caught up with anxiety, fear, or frustration at a moment, your thinking will most likely be fixated on the trouble at hand.

Dwelling on that feeling is not only counterproductive but could escalate the problem at hand.


The best thing to do is to first detach from the situation. Take a deep breath, stay calm, breathe in and out, and rather than fixate on the current problem, relax your mind.

Take deep breaths a few times per minute. Soothing tea and herbs such as camomile are great relaxing agents and might come in handy in such situations.

Words Of Affirmation

Now that you are a little more relaxed, the next thing to do is take action steps. The first being speaking words of affirmation to one’s self.


Words are indeed a powerful tool to regaining one’s self-confidence and most especially words spoken to one’s self. Remind yourself that your current situation no matter how bad does not define you. If possible, speak these words out.

It’s incredible how powerful it is hearing one’s voice speak can be and how effective it can be in fixing a crushed confidence.

Talk To Someone

If there are people in your life willing to listen to you, it might be a way of regaining your confidence. The popular quote; “a problem half-shared is half-solved” has some truth in it.


Although, it may not seem like much talking to someone about your slipping confidence, be rest assured that doing this will have you feeling lighter, heard, and even, less angry.

You may even notice that as you talk to this person, your brain might pick up the distress signals you’re sending and even provide a good solution to the problem.

Then again, do not be alarmed if talking does not provide you with a solution, remember that life is full of imperfect people, and you will not be defined by your mistakes.

Be Positive


Honestly, staying positive through a bad day is a tough business. Some might even mistake it to be a repression of the emotions a person may be feeling at the time. But that isn’t the case.

Being positive means choosing to see the bright side of things whether good or bad. By remaining positive through bad events, one will definitely be able to regain their confidence.

It’s never too late to be a positive person as positivity can be practiced. Daily note and write down the positive things in every situation and everyone you come across. Soon, this could become a lifestyle.

Count Your Blessings

Some might counter this by insisting that they have no blessings to count. What they might be referring to could be that they have no good things to be thankful for. However, that could be a flawed opinion.

Everyone alive has at least their lives to be thankful for. And in fact, at least a few other things to be grateful about.

Take time today to note down the things in your life you’re grateful for. And during tough times, always be conscious to remain calm and count your blessings.

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