When LinkedIn first launched in 2003, it used to be a simple app for professionals to connect, collaborate, and show off their skills.


These days, LinkedIn has evolved to become the new Instagram for professionals to not only connect, interact, and collaborate with each other but to do so much more. With additional features like; LinkedIn Learning, professionals using the app can learn new skills in reward for certificates which they can proudly display.

And beyond these, the app’s Premium plan allows users access to more advanced features such as metrics on views, certified learning resources, as well as customized profiles.

LinkedIn’s upgrade has even affected social interaction on the app which means that now more than ever, it is important for your profile to stand out in the fast-moving space.


By taking the steps we’ll be highlighting in this article, you can be sure to boost your LinkedIn profile as well as interactions possibly. However, note that the good results could take some time to become visible.

Be Intentional About Your Profile And Background Picture

Although LinkedIn is a social networking app, it’s important to always keep in mind that it is specifically geared towards professionals. Hence, professionalism should remain top of mind should you wish to fully maximize the platform.


Your profile picture is one of the first points of contact other LinkedIn users will come across. This means you should pay close attention to the kind of picture you choose to use.

Your profile picture should most preferably be a professional headshot or at least one that has you wearing a semi-casual outfit. Avoid pictures that are blurry, or have you posed unprofessionally such as; with your tongue sticking out. Keep your profile picture looking sharp, simple, and smart-looking.

I’ve come across some LinkedIn users who use banners of their business or their skills as their Background picture and this is wise in my opinion. It tells a user straight-up what you’re about. This isn’t always applicable to everyone especially if you do not own a business. In this case, you could opt for another professional picture of yourself.

Upgrade To Premium Plan


When converted to naira, LinkedIn Premium costs about N12,000 or less monthly. This is a good investment if you’re serious about positioning yourself as an authority or a person of value on the platform.

LinkedIn Premium offers cool perks like access to unlimited learning resources and certificates on the LinkedIn Learning platform, the ability to know precisely, who views your profile, together with their info. etc.

It also allows some special actions for users who are open to being hired.

Treat Your Profile Info Like Your Resume


Think about the last job application you filled out, the recruiter probably viewed your LinkedIn profile. More and more organizations and recruiters are as interested in your LinkedIn profile as they are in your resume. Meaning it’s necessary to put in more thoughts in filling out your profile.

Try to provide more details on your field of expertise using action verbs like; supervised, collaborated, executed, etc which demonstrate the exact responsibilities handled during your previous roles.

If you’re in the creative industry,  you should consider including a link to your work portfolio or personal website.

Display Your Certificates


One of the best ways to brag on LinkedIn is to show off your certificates. This can be shared or uploaded on your profile page as well.

Never feel too modest to hide your certifications from your followers as well as other LinkedIn users.

Display relevant certificates on your page as this helps seal the trust recruiters and some followers have in you. In fact, having your certificates on display makes it easier for recruiters when they glance through your profile.

Share Content

If you want to position yourself as an authority or expert in your field, you should try sharing original content as often as possible.

For instance, if you’re in the Investment Banking field, you could share daily nuggets of information pertaining to investment to your connections. If properly run, you could open new doors of opportunities for yourself as a LinkedIn influencer.

Beyond the tips shared in this article, one effective way to boost your profile is to follow more connections with similar interests or within the same industry or profession as you. Also, interact with your connections by liking, commenting on, and even sharing posts you relate to.

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