Break-ups suck. Having to break up or being broken up with is never a pleasant experience. The flood of emotions which accompany the termination of a relationship is even worse during the holiday season.


Not only would it feel weird being single again but the festive season has a way of making people feel the pain of a break up more intensely.

As much pain as you may be feeling right now, it’s best to focus on the present, deal with the reality of the break up and have the best time of your life this holiday.

Here are some ways to get through the holiday without feeling depressed:


Focus on rendering service to others

Helping others, being benevolent and kind is a proven way to find fulfilment. Dedicate your time during this holiday season to think less of the pain you feel, and more about how you can be of service to others.

Register or sign up with local social enterprises, churches, or individuals in charge of community work.


You can volunteer to help people in need, destitute, and the under-privileged, by serving food, sharing basic materials [clothes, blankets, shoes etc], or providing services such as clean water etc.

Remember, there’s nothing more precious than giving your time and resources to people who can never repay you.

Give yourself a treat

Yes, you deserve it. You’ve gone through a lot of emotional strain and it’s okay to. Just. relax. Take a vacation, treat yourself to a special date in a fancy restaurant, get a thorough spa treatment, etc.


By pampering yourself, you’ll get rid of the negative energy and weight you’ve been carrying.

Spend quality time with family and loved ones

Your family, friends and loved ones will always have your back and support you. Being with them during this period will help improve your mindset significantly.

Pay a visit to your family, friends, and spend time with them to partake in the warmth of family.


Get into the spirit of the season

Channel into the spirit of the season. Be kind to everyone, smile at strangers, offer help to those in need and be happy.

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