Valentine’s Day is celebrated globally on February 14, commemorating the celebration of love and affection. It’s therefore a common concept for people globally to share and receive gifts from their loved ones.


Gifts, greeting cards, hotel and restaurant reservations, vacationing, are common ways partners treat each other to during the Valentine’s celebration.

While this is a great way to commemorate this special day, it’s important that individuals realize the need to do more for their partners every other day.

Drawing inspiration from the Feast of Saint Valentine, couples may actively walk towards practicing some important activities and lessons which seem to be commonly ‘dedicated’ for the observance of Saint Valentine’s Day.


Here are five ways lovers can treat everyday like Valentine’s Day.

  • Surprise Your Partner, Pleasantly

Because not all surprises are pleasant. It’s okay to surprise your partner now and then with things or activities they like. Sometimes we get worked up and carried away with activities in our lives that even the simplest of fun or ‘loved’ activity, becomes gold.

What does your partner like to do? Or eat? Or drink? Where would they rather be? Outside of their daily lives. Figure these out and equip yourself with more than enough options to work with.


Make a surprise reservation at your partner’s favourite restaurant or book a surprise vacation at their dream destination [or bucket-list destination]. Doing this will always be appreciated by your partner who’d be more than glad to indulge in their favourite activity with you.

  • It’s All About How You Love

Another important lesson lovers may learn from the Feast of Valentine is that true love is not necessarily expressed by whom we love, but by how we love a person.

Never forget to love your partner right. Show them how much they mean to you, speak their love language; whether it’s through gifting, acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation or quality time.

  • Actively Make Out Time Alone For Each Other

There’s no doubt that couples sometimes get too busy for each other. The pursuit of career paths, raising their children, managing members of extended families, and other financial responsibilities, are time consuming.


These time-consuming activities, if not managed properly, could possibly affect a couple’s relationship. It’s therefore wise to adapt another lesson from the Valentine’s Day celebration which is to create quality time alone for each other often.

Speak with your partner and agree on at least a daily activity which you both enjoy doing weekly. Some examples of bonding activities couples can explore include; taking dancing lessons, weekly dinner reservations, or camping.

  • Ease Your Partner’s Stress

Your partner already has enough avenue for stress in their lives. From their job, to the kids, to responsibilities, there are enough activities wearing your partner out already.

A good habit to pick up the celebration of love is not to be an addition to your partner’s stress. Be your partner’s peace — by being the calming force in their life.

  • Show Your Appreciation For Your Partner

It’s one thing to say you appreciate your partner and another thing entirely to show your appreciation. Even with the most genuine intent of appreciating your partner, there’s no way for them to know unless you tell them and most importantly, show them.

Showing appreciation to your partner, doesn’t have to be a big deal.

Simply looking them deep in the eyes and reminding them how much you appreciate their presence in your life, is a great direction to take.

Expressing appreciation of one’s partner can be performed through gifting, and surprises too. In conclusion, it’s important to establish genuinity in reflecting love to one’s partner everyday.


Do not wait for February 14 annually to love your partner right. Remember, loving your partner right is up to you.

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